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She was our first outside guard dog here. Gypsy was rescued from the pound in 1988 and is missed by a special family member who visited us in 1999. Gypsy was in heat and Skipper couldnt physically get the job done so my cousin tried to help them! Embarrassing but funny sight!

I miss looking out my back door and windows seeing Gypsy chase after her hated UPS delivery truck every week day.

Gypsy mothered four pups in her life time. Misty was the only one we got to keep. We gave a female & male pup away to good homes. Misty had a sister (Midnight) that we lost to a snake bite that happened while my wife and I were at work. God I HATE SNAKES NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!!!

Gypsy, Misty, Midnight and Pepper are all in Doggie Heaven. As for Skipper; do boy dogs go to heaven? Skip was the first of our dogs to be petted by Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates! Our Heaven Residing Canine Family grows over the years and with each new member the romping and playing gets sweeter and sweeter!


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