Open Grave #1

Boudreaux and Thibadeaux decided to go OUT drinking and got ROYALLY PlASTERED!. .

At closing time, Boudreaux decided to leave Thibadeaux with the tab so he sneaked out the front door while Thib went to the bathroom.

Boo was so drunk he forgot about the graveyard (with open graves) next door to the bar and turned the wrong way and wandered off into the night (WITHOUT A FLASHLIGHT)!

In a few minutes sure enough Boo fell right into an open grave!

And to make things worse he hits his head on a shovel that was left in the grave and knocks himself unconscious!

Angry at Boo for stiffing him with the tab; Thib finds his pickup truck and (after sobering up & a good hour or two of sleep) drives home..

Snickering to himself after getting home and seeing Boo's pickup not home (across the road); Thib thinks: "Yeah I bet dot ole Boudreaux done gone and fell in one of dem open graves! Serves hisself right!"

Poor Boo spent the rest of the night in the grave even after regaining consciousness hours later as he did not have the strength to pull himself out and his head hurt so bad.

But at day break Boo felt good enough to try; summoning all his strength;

Boo makes a lunge for the edge of the grave..........

He makes it and pulls himself up and out of the grave.

But Boo's head is still not right as he exclaims after looking around:

"Well what ya think of dis? Here it is JUDGEMENT DAY and I'm THE FIRST ONE UP!"