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Pepper; beloved mother of  Poly and mate/companion to Hot Stuff left this earthly plane December 28, 2000 around 8:00 pm.  She was just as much as a part of our family as any  human child would be.

I am hoping that  maybe she just went to sleep and never woke up.  During the year 2000 she had gained weight due to her age and not feeling like exercising and playing with the boys (that's what we call Poly & Hot Stuff).

Her final resting place is under an apple tree in the back yard lying on her side with her sweet head facing north. In 2006 lightning took out that apple tree.........

My last memory of our precious Angel was that afternoon Pepper was  jumping on my wife's leg while at the computer and my wife petting Pepper's sweet little head as Pepper looked up at her through cataract grey film covered loving eyes.
I will always remember and cherish our little love bug .

 Poly and Hot Stuff

Pepper, HotStuff & Poly were given to us un-expectedly and She passed on just so.  During the last two months Pepper had become even more affectionate and attached to us than ever. The little Angel spent more time than she ever did before  in our laps, pawwing at and licking our faces or just lying/sleeping in our arms/laps and next to us.

I can sing the praises of her wonderful part of our life forever but all my wife and I can do now is hope that when we die we will be able to be with Pepper after we cross over into where ever we can find her waiting for us in the afterlife.

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