Noodle's Page

Noodle; our newest edition to our family was given to us December 28, 2005 . She was extremely shy the first year and it was frustrating to say the least. But as time went on she warmed up to us and cast her spell on us just like sweet Pepper did.

Her name means "New Poodle" but in reality she is a mix of poodle and TACO BELL DOG! I never learned to spell chihuahua.......

Noodle is a sweet loving mother-type dog and she treats us and the boys with that same affection. So far she has not shown us she wants to do very many tricks but she is one great hambone actress! She also will sneeze and speak on command.
Here is our little love bug wrapped up in the bedcovers.
Here are all our Munchkins in a composite .jpg.

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