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Chances are, if you're a "Doctor Who" fan, you've reached here via another DW-related link, and now have simply no idea what in the soggy jungles of Mechanus yer lookin' at.

And that's where we come in!


The Steven Taylor page documents one of "Doctor Who"'s most horrifically underrated companions, an astronaut from the future named, of course, Steven Taylor.

Affable 26 year-old actor Peter Purves joined "Doctor Who" in May, 1965, to play a one-off character named Morton Dill, in an episode called "The Chase", which featured the Daleks. Purves got along so well with the cast and production crew, that he was offered the role of the new companion, who was set to debut in the final episode of the same story. Peter of course accepted instantly.

[Vicki, the Doctor, Steven, and a
space helmet for a cow.]Over the course of the next year, Steven Taylor, as the character was known, appeared in ten different "Doctor Who" stories. With input from Peter along the way, the character of Steven became at once headstrong, fiercely loyal, and jovial. His relationship with the Doctor and his fellow companions was strong and healthy. As Steven, Peter demonstrated a wide range of emotions, a flair for both action and comedy, and even got to sing!

"Doctor Who" in its third season also underwent several periods of transition. Peter is unique among "Doctor Who" actors in that he served alongside, all in just twelve months, three different producers, three script editors, and six different companions! At a time when the show's direction veered wildly, Steven Taylor, along with the Doctor, William Hartnell, served as anchor.

Peter left the show in June, 1966, at the end of "The Savages", when Steven left the TARDIS crew to become leader of a remote, sophisticated, and politically-divided planet [GIF of the Savages Planet], to bring much-needed stability to those who needed it more.

This page will also serve as a repository for information about an oft-overlooked era of "Doctor Who". 26 of the 45 episodes in which Steven appeared, no longer exist on video. Thankfully, other media exists and is even now being disseminated throughout fandom, so that you too can now enjoy and re-evaluate the Steven Taylor era. Use the Vital Resources below to take a journey through history, back to 1965.


This page is very much a work in progress. New features are still being unveiled daily, and beyond all the cool stuff you can find below, you'll also see, Coming Soon:



To provide a sense of what it was like for Steven to journey from the jungles of Mechanus, to the planet of the Savages, what follows are in-depth summaries of each "Doctor Who" story in which Steven appeared -- both on television and in print.

Each episode capsule begins with a detailed synopsis of the story, complete with cliffhangers. Many of Steven's stories either don't exist, or haven't been seen by fandom at large in many years, so this also serves as a historical reference for the relatively uninitiated. Follow the external links to those fine pages which provide transcripts for "Doctor Who"'s misisng episodes.

You'll also find critical episode commentary, an analysis on Steven's role within the story, his most (and, in some unfortunate cases, his least!) memorable lines, and ... well, quite a bit more, actually!

Vital Resources

The following pages are absolute must visits for fans of the early years of "Doctor Who". This page would certainly be a lot barer without the efforts of the individuals below!

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