[All About Vampyrine]

[My son!] So you want to know all about the person who is Vampyrine. There's not much to tell, really. I'm 22, I live in Denver, Colorado and I'm married, with one little boy (the picture says it all, doesn't it?). I work for CompuCom, where I'm a field technician, fixing PC's and networks, hardware and software.

I'm an X-Phile, a Babyloniac, and a Whovian, as well as a big fan of the Star Wars Trilogy.

You can find me on the Net often, either cruising the Web or geting in-character at Colonies MUCK as Shard, the gerbil engineer.

And of course, one's gotta have music while netting... there's almost always some 80's music or Rush (The band, not the fat pumpkinheaded lunati-, errr, POLITIcian) playing in the background.

The music you are hearing as you view this page is Guns 'N' Roses' November Rain.
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