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Rob Harland and Mark Wiker prepare for battle

Mike and Crystal Bell get some last minute "tips" from there opponent

Chuck Pint in the heat of battle

A battle begins...

Mark tallies the damage delivered to Mike

The treasure hoarde

How about a closer look?

Ah, caught in the act!!

The Gnome-mobile

Revenge of the Gnomes

Willy prepares for the Sealed Box Tourn.

Momma don't let you're children grow up to be Dragon Dice players

The best Dragon Dicer's can play even while sleeping

Chris Thomas, Me, and Greg Ernest...Best game ever!!!!

Sealed Box Pro winners, Me, Rob Harland, and Willy Lutz

These are the best of the best

World Champs, Will Lutz, Dave Papay, Rob Harland, and Mark Wiker

...Now look this way. and smile!!!

Sealed Box Pro winners.  Scott Cobb, Me, Mark Wiker and Dave Papay

Will work for Dragon Dice!

Winners Prizes

Promo's Anyone?

I'll just be taking this, thank you.

After Mark Wiker summoned 4 dragons, plus 2 already there, he makes a hasty retreat.

Campaign of War finals, Mark Wiker and Chris Thomas

This is what Rob Harland looked like to me after 4 days at GenCon

GenCon security was awefully rigid this year.

Get a closer look.  Is it live or is it Memorex?

Well, I hope you enjoyed the Pic's.  For those who attended, I had a great time meeting and playing you all.  Thanks for the best Con of '98!!!!!