Round Robin Time

The intro page...


First we have to set some rules...

  1. No unnecessary profanity.

  2. Be nice.

  3. Either include your e-mail addy on your piece, or e-mail me with it.

  4. Stay within the limits outlined for the round robin you're writing for.

  5. Please no gratiuous violence or sex. (Justify it in the story line.)

Ok, I'm going to use guestbooks to house the Stories... And here they are....
Keep in mind since this is in a guestbook you need to go check the date and see what parts were written first.

This one shall be the PG story....

First read the first 16 parts then
Read what's been Written in the book.. Then add on to the story.  

This one shall be the R rated story.... (No Kiddies here!)

View What's been written so far in the book Free Guestbook by
                Guestpage Add to the story

This one shall be the Slash friendly story.... (No Kiddies Here!)

Read what's been written so far...
Add on to the Story!

Ok? Any further issues , e-mail me.

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