The Occult - Definitions
Rank Definitions

Don't know what rank you are? Or maybe you just want to get a little more info about where you will be placed if you join us? Following are a buncha definitions of the ranks in our clan and what the qualifications will be.

First, you should know are ranks determined by when you joined but you can challenge others for their rank. For more information on challenging see the challenging section. If you want to know exactly where you are in the ranking system then look at the chart on the Members page. Depending on where you are on the chart, the higher you rank is. Even if you are in the same circle (see below) you have different ranks. If you are at the top of the third circle you are in the only place available for promotion.

The 3 circles help to classify what powers you have over the clan. I, as Supreme Overlord, can do anything =). Below are the different circles and the ranks which they enclose. The first circle is our seat of lords. The second circle is our seat of commanders. The third circle is the base of our clan.

Explanation of Rank
FounderNonePerson who created the clan
Supreme OverlordNonePerson in charge of all the circles
ArchMage1st Cheif of all the Sorcerers
Cheif Guard 1st Cheif of all the Guards
Assasin 1st Cheif of all the Rogues
General 1st Cheif of all the Warriors
ArchCleric2nd In charge of 3 other Sorcerers
Ranger 2nd In charge of 3 other Guards
Hunter 2nd In charge of 3 other Rogues
Colonel 2nd In charge of 3 other (you guessed it) Warriors
Sorcerer 3rd Standard Sorcerer
Guard3rd Standard Defensive Warrior
Rogue3rd Standard Rogue
Warrior 3rd Standard Offensive Warrior

Charactor classes also determine what rank you are. The chart above shows how a Sorcerer is higher than a Guard and so on.

If anyone in the clan whiches to challenge another for his/her rank then that person has to accept the challenge. If they don't then the challenger automaticly receives the chalengee's rank. The only restrictions on this are you can't challenge outside of your circle (see above) unless you are at the top of your circle (in your class). You cannot challenge out of your class (unless you want to switch classes). Finally, no challenges will be made above the 2nd circle (2nd circle people cannot receive a seat on the seat of lords). If you wish to challenge someone then you must e-mail a challenge to them, and a copy of the challenge to me.