The Occult - Members

Here is a list of our members and a bit of biography about them. They are listed in the order which they joined. Included at the bottom is a table of useful info.
Total Members : 73

Godflesh - I am the founder of the Occult. An experienced fighter I have played in many RPG games, Diablo being the first one set in a 3d environment. I prefer to move slowly over charging in and losing vast amounts of health. Also, a helpful hint which I'm sure most experienced players have figured out, use Blood Ritual & Healing back and forth in order to get your health and mana nearly full.

The Lord Magus - The second person to join the Occult and quite new to the RPGing experience he has already developed some very effective strategies. He uses the slow progression tactic as I do. He also has a complex system of level upgrading which allows him to use spells more effectively.

Teron Gorefiend - The third person to join the Occult, he is a very dependable man who would risk his life (at least in Diablo) for me. He carries large amounts of items in his inventory so as to counter the different monsters in the most effective way. A true warrior he seldom uses spells. He favors heavy weapons over light ones so he frequently upgrades his strength.

Shadowspawn - Our first Rogue, this man is also very experienced in AD&D games. He prefers to lure his enemies to him over charging in and losing health. He also dislikes the bow as it was created in the demo but let's hope it's a little more realistic in the final release.

HellShadow - A skilled warrior who had played many AD&D games. He prefers any type of sword but will switch blades during a battle to best counter his opponent. He's not afraid to evade a fight and better his chances in a different position so don't laugh if he runs in a fight or else you might regret it. He also includes a tendency to go "Ballistic" slicing at everything near him in a type of bloodlust.

Strange Bloodmist - A mysterious figure we know little about this man.

Igor the Wizard - Our second sorcerer, this man also uses a complex system of level upgrading.

Liquid Chicken - One of our sorcerers, this man specializes in defensive spells.

Ryu - Another man who hasn't provided much information about himself.

Medivh - A very brutal and bloodthirsty player but with an always evenly balanced set of attributes. He also has alot of experience in AD&D and strategy games.

The Crow - He prefers the "old method" of killing things with a frontal assault. With 2 campains of AD&D in his record, he definitely doesn't lack experience.

Holy Paladin - Our biggest RPG player yet and probably the most honorable. He would never betray, backstab, etc. He protects those who are injured with his own life as well.

Nivek Steyr - A practicer of the magik arts. He prefers to face monsters head on.

OverLord - Another RPG player with 19 years experience. He uses a tactic like mine using fire wall to roast the stupid monsters and avoids traps at all costs.

DeathSlayer - A skilled warrior with a record of 200 kills in 5 minutes.

Remora - A clever person, this man deserves the role of rogue.

DeathKnight - Another rogue who is clever and insightful.

Jago - A very experienced RPG player but he doesn't really specialize in Diablo.

Daemon - Another of our practicers of the art of magik. In Diablo he managed to get to level 4 in only 15 minutes.

DoomHammer - Very precice in his operation of blades.

Hulraven Stormweather - Another experienced RPG player, he has honed his skills quite well. He has very good timing and has mastered other simple but deadly techniques.

Ghandi - Watch your back, and beware moving shadows.

Pegasus - An RPG player with some experience he prefers the brute force of the warrior but knows when to run from a fight.

Fish - A beta tester, Diablo was his life.

Gandaulf - A sorcerer who likes to develop his skills to their fullest extent. He won't be selling any books to the old hag across the river.

Sworn Defender - A warrior who prefers to outsmart the monsters rather than outfight them. He learned this tactic often proves better from playing various strategy games. He will stand in a doorway and smack them as they come to him.

Ghostly Hunter - A true rogue who stalks his prey.

Brandon - Another no-brainer, he prefers to clash swords rather than bore himself with traditional tactics.

Gilgamesh - A sorcerer who takes things many steps at a time. He might have made a better warrior but hey, spells rule!

Raul Ruiz - No tactics.

Bill Stahl - A Rogue with bad aim. He goes in front of a group and sprays them with arrows.

LethArFAcE - Like many of us, he has an interest in AD&D games and reads many adventure/fantasy books. Although we have yet to train him, he is a formidable opponent.

DaemonSlayer - Well equiped with some awesome armor and a mean blade.

Thrax Ironheart - No backing down on his end, just a fight to the finnish. He has plenty of experience in these types of games.

Darkhood - Prefers to lure his enemies to the right spot and fry them where they stand.

Mephiston - Takes monsters on one at a time. Runs in, attacks, runs out. Much experience in RPG.

Jacques - A rogue who will stand back and let arrows fly. Anything get a little close and he'll fry them with a nice warm spell.

BLACK - Another RPGer, his favorite tactic is to firewall large groups of monsters.

Raid - Plays multiple charactors so he is XPed against any foe.

Adam - Uses a complex combination of magic and brute force to defeat his enemy. Check out his Ultima Online Guild at .

~blackhawk~ - A relatively new player to Diablo he lacks talent.

Lance - He wrote MDK, not sure what that means but it seems to work.

Raven - Stands in the passage of a door so only one monster can attack at a time. Used a bow of the bear on Diablo which made it very easy.

Bongholio - "Charge the room, let the demons surround, Flash, hack and slash untill everything is dead!" -- Application form

Tannith - Likes to fry enemies with spells, particular of most sorcerers.

Arkantino - Likes to control and manipulate his enemies. Working the best with one or two warriors...

Orion's Dream - Uses brute force and hopes for the best.

rzarector - Simply put by him, "Fuck up anything that pisses me off."

Lord Drake - hit em' hard good and fast, run and heal, round two, repeat us staff of town portal + fat armor

Frederick - Prefers guardian against large amounts of enemies.

atrayu - Trustworthy warrior, no spells here, prefers the juice.

Rommel - Blitz-Kriege?

Dogmeat - Freeze 'em, chop 'em and burn 'em.

fREEmAN - Killem' All

carlo - Likes a challenge.

GangGreen - With a high rack of hit points he can face most enemies in close combat. Fries those to far away to smack with a blade.

Falcon - Lures enemies out of hiding and then takes them on one by one.

Killer - ?????Got me¿¿¿¿¿

WarchilD - Usually heads straight on, but launches fireballs at witches.

RedFire - ??????

Beast - Starts with a few fireballs, then finishes 'em with his axe.

Dracor Wallace - Hit and Run. Gain position advantage and then full frontal attack. He has played numerous RPGs and AD&D since I was 14 years old.

Ziegeilsplein - A PKiller who loves to trick his enemies.

Crash - He can manage dodging any pkillers spells (excluding Elemental) and has plenty of XP in AD&D games to combat the monsters.

Micheal - ??????

Outkast - Also with alot of AD&D experience he keeps secret his age-old tactics.

LOCO1234 - Send a guardian into a room before you go in to see what you're up against. He's also beaten many previous AD&D games.

Mathieu Boucher - Very patient.

Morbius - Likes to kill stuff. Killed Diablo on Nightmare skill so far.

Beltch - No tactics here.

Vizjerei - Kills all in sight. He is also experienced at other AD&D games such as Ultima.

Vandaely - Likes to help the new guys and be a bounty hunter.

Otto_fon_RITZ - Likes to hot places (much zombs, etc.). Played very much great games, but when he saw Diablo first time - he said: I LIKE IT !!!

Kruger - Starts a straight up brawl, attack from the front, never be cheap, slaughter any and all in my way. He's played Diablo since it was out and played many MUDs on the Internet and BBSes.

Member Rank Favorite Weapon Favorite SpellClass
Godflesh Supreme OverLord and Founder King's Sword of Haste Fireball and Fire Wall Warrior
The Lord Magus ArchMage(Second in Command) Claymore and Large Axe Town Portal and NovaSorcerer
Shadowspawn Assasin Heavy Crossbow LightningRogue
Teron Gorefiend General Great Axes and Broad Swords Healing and Town Portal Warrior
Igor ArchClericMorning StarFire WallSorcerer
Liquid Chicken ArchClericAxe????? Sorcerer
Nivek Styr ArchCleric Staff Fire BallSorcerer
Daemon ArchCleric Falchion Fire WallSorcerer
DeathKnightHunter Broad SwordApocalapyseRogue
HellShadow Colonel Any Sword Healing and Town PortalWarrior
Holy Paladin ColonelAnythingHealingWarrior
Ryu Colonel Long Sword LightningWarrior
Medivh Colonel Messerschmidt's Reaver Sentinal and Blood Boil Warrior
The Crow Colonel Long Sword Flesh to StoneWarrior
Sworn Defender ColonelWar Hammer Fire Wall and Fireball Warrior
Lord DrakeColonelSwordHealingWarrior
Strange Bloodmist Colonel Magic Battle Axe Fire WallWarrior
OverLord Colonel Broad Axe Fire WallWarrior
Gandhi Sorcerer Falchion Stone Curse and Town PortalSorcerer
Fish Sorcerer ????? FireBallSorcerer
Gandaulf Sorcerer Staff of Healing Chain LightningSorcerer
Gilgamesh Sorcerer Staff of Power ConfusionSorcerer
Darkhood Sorcerer Staff Charged BoltSorcerer
BLACK Sorcerer Staff Fire WallSorcerer
TannithSorcererDreamFlangeChain LightningSorcerer
ArkantinoSorcererDreamFlangeStone CurseSorcerer
FrederickSorcererKing's Sword of HasteGuardianSorcerer
fREEmANSorcererMaceChain LightningSorcerer
CrashSorcererWindforceChain LightningSorcerer
OutkastSorcererAA Staff of ApocFireballSorcerer
LOCO1234SorcererMithril Sword of the HeavensGuardianSorcerer
MorbiusSorcererKing's Sword of HasteFireballSorcerer
VizjereiSorcererArch-Angel's Staff of the ApocolypseFireball and WallSorcerer
Bill Stahl Rogue Bow Holy BoltRogue
Ghostly Hunter Rogue Short War Bow FlashRogue
Daemon Slayer Rogue Giant's Bow Chain LightningRogue
Jacques Rogue Flame Dart Fire WallRogue
RavenRogueEagleHornFlame WaveRogue
FalconRogueWindforceStone Curse and FireballRogue
RedFireRogueWindforceTeleport and FireballRogue
DeathSlayer Warrior Falchion and Axe HealingWarrior
DoomHammer Warrior Twin Scimitar IdentifyWarrior
Hulraven Stormweather Warrior Sword and Shield LightningWarrior
Pegasus Warrior Longsword Nova and HealingWarrior
Brandon Warrior Battle Axe ??????Warrior
Raul Ruiz Warrior Hunter's Bow TelekenisWarrior
LethArFAcE Warrior Knight's Axe of Haste InfernoWarrior
Thrax Ironheart Warrior Long Sword Town PortalWarrior
Mephiston Warrior Bastard Sword GuardianWarrior
Raid Warrior Sword of Slaying Fire WallWarrior
AdamWarriorSword of StarsFire WallWarrior
LanceWarriorAxe of StarsStone CurseWarrior
Orion'sDreamWarriorKing's Sword of HasteTown PortalWarrior
atrayuWarriorBastard SwordFireballWarrior
RommelWarriorKing's Sword and Windforce FireballWarrior
DogmeatWarriorSwordStone CurseWarrior
CarloWarriorSword of TitansStone CurseWarrior
GangGreenWarriorBastard SwordStone CurseWarrior
KillerWarriorKing's SwordGuardianWarrior
WarchildWarriorKing's Sword of HasteFireballWarrior
BeastWarriorKing's Sword of HasteTeleport and FireballWarrior
Dracor WallaceWarriorKing's Axe of HasteMana ShieldWarrior
ZiegeilspleinWarriorMassive Sword of SlayingChain LightningWarrior
MichealWarriorSword of TitansTeleportWarrior
Mathieu BoucherWarriorSwordChain LightningWarrior
VandaelyWarriorRuthless Sword of the HeavensFireballWarrior
Otto_fon_RITZWarriorMagic Large AxeHealingWarrior
KrugerWarriorMesserschmidt's ReaverGuardianWarrior