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**The Link of Death**

Answer the five questions (three questions sir), three questions and then submit them. If you get the five questions correct (three, sir)... Yes, if you get the three questions correct, your name will be placed on this page. If you get all five right (three, sir)... all three right, and then answer all the following questions (not yet in existence, sorry), I will put a link to your page on this page (if you have a page and are willing to allow it to be linked to from here).
Question 1: What is your name?

Question 2: What is your e-mail address?

Question 3: What is the resistance of a resistor with color code |||in parallel with a resistor with color code ||| minus the magnitude of the moment about A caused by Force BD and the 1 ton weight in Diagram "A" plus the number of cubic centimeters in a cubic inch minus the amount of money Bart sells his soul for (in pennies) plus the number of men who lie strewn before the cave of the monster with big, sharp, pointy teeth (according to Tim the Enchanter) minus the date on the steel penny?

Do you have a homepage?
I do not recall...
I'm not really sure...
Well...I know some one who has one...does that count? (NO!)


Any comments for me?

NOTE: If you are interested in having a quiz page after this, please tell me! Since I have had NO submissions I'm beginning to believe that I'm the only one around who likes to think, and who enjoys challenges. If you can think of a better reward for getting everything right, please suggest it to me... Thanks ahead of time...

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