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Yes, I know that HTML resource pages are a dime a dozen, so I'll try to keep this one brief. First of all, its not just for HTML help, or just icon sources or something like that. The main feature is the source for web-tools that do neat things and are not so easy to find. I also have my two favorite HTML helpers, and a couple of resources for resources for icons and the such. Here we go:

Spiffy Webtools:
The Imaging Machine
VRL's Imaging machine. This site has many graphic manipulation tools, including a beveler (makes those neat button edges), an embosser, a resizer, a swirl effect, edge detect, the normal transformational tools, and most importantly, a transparency maker! Put a gif file in your page directory, go to VRL's site, type in the page URL and filename, choose the device, and follow the simple directions. Voila! Download your new transformed picture. Its as easy as that.
The Gif Wizard
The Gif Shrinker. Yes, I know you can just have Netscape make your pictures smaller. But this wonderous tool keeps your picture the same size! What does it do? It shrinks the FILE SIZE! That's right, get the same beautiful picture to take up less disk space and download faster! Just point the Gif Wizard to your URL and file, and it will present you with a bunch of options regarding picture quality and file size. You can often shave 1/4 to 1/2 of the file size without noticeable picture degradation. Very useful with large gifs.
Javascript Cut 'N' Paste
Cut 'N' Paste Javascript-- not so much a tool as a gift. Get all sorts of java applets without learning java. Just cut the code, go to your page editor, and paste it. Its as easy as that. No huge advertisements required, just a few lines in the code you pasted telling who wrote it.
If you thought frames were easy before, now they're a cinch! (And if you didn't, .... well, they're still a cinch!) This site will make your frames for you. No code required. Just enter the number of frames, sizes, names, and scrolling options, and the FrameSop will generate the code for your frames. But be careful not to get carried away, because the FrameShop can easily make 9 (yes, NINE) frames for you (in my opinion, more than three are usually too many). This is a great way to experiment with frames.
HTML Doctor
After a long hard day of programming, visit the doctor. Doctor HTML version 4 is an online program by Thomas Tongue and Imagiware that goes out and grabs the source code for the address you give it. It then proceeds to analyze the code and search for deffects-- unclosed tags, tags where they don't belong, even spell-checking! It gives advanced analyses of forms and tables that are very helpful. It even gives you the command hierarchy of your code, in a form that it should resemble (but innevitably doesn't). It also tests ALL links and graphics on the page, tells you what's workin' 'n' what ain't, the size of each picture/all pictures/text, and how long it would take to load on a 14.4 Kbps modem. This is a great last minute check before you post a page.
Here are my two favorite HTML Guides:
HTML Goodies
Joe is thorough and helpful, but more importantly humorous. He makes learning HTML fun and easy. He even has tables of all those little codes that you can never find-- the color codes and the "&" codes. Created by Joe Burns, Phd.
Hagan's Help
Hagan doesn't cover a whole lot of territory, but what he does cover, he covers completely. He provides all the little details, which is where I always run into trouble. Most places will give basic information on a table, but if you want a real table, you'll have to learn from the best.
Here are some overcrowded resource pages. You're gonna have to wade though these, because they have everything:
Night Terror's Links
In the depths of Night Terror's Lair lurks the HTML resource links page. You want HTML help at any level?--here. You want icons, clipart, original art?--here. You want a new HTML editor?--here. She's got graphic links galore. Anything from basic HTML help and templates to image-map, frames, and javascript tutorials and trouble- shooters. Night Terror is a fellow Geocities resident and, I believe, a community leader for Silicon Valley. She helps in the forums immensely and we're all lucky to have her.
Randy's Icon Bazaar
Randy's Icon and Image Bazaar. The name pretty much says it all, doesn't it? This one will take a little while to load, and a big while to look through.

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