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Welcome to the Main Hallway! You have entered the house of Chive. Now you will be presented with further options so that you might choose your descent into the depths of my site. I hope you will find something worth while here. If you do not, feel free to suggest my next project to me! If you find any dead links or technical glitches, please make me aware of them. That said, you may continue, but remember:
Be Careful, and have fun!
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Like 99% of the personal homepages out there, yes, this page is under construction. The only difference is that I neither have those annoying construction icons nor claim that my page is in any kind of complete (i.e. static) state.

The Link of Death

Who would cross the link of death,

must answer me these questions three,

err the other side he see...

What is your name?

What is your favorite movie?

What is the resistance of a resistor with color code | ||in parallel with a resistor with color code || | minus the magnitude of the moment about A caused by Force BD and the one ton weight in Diagram "A" plus the number of (cubic) centimeters in a cubic inch minus the amount of money Bart sells his soul for (in pennies) plus the number of men who lie strewn before the cave of the monster with big, sharp, pointy teeth (according to Tim the Enchanter) minus the date on the steel penny?

Only those who showeth themselves to be of sufficient fortitude, excessive cleverness, and vast resources will be permitted to crosseth the link of death. Be wary, though, lest you fail and be caught in the Server of Eternal Peril.

Now, for those of you with less erratic behavioral patterns, here is the sane section of my page. You can verify this by checking the "Sane" authorization tag on the right.OOPS! Ate the Sane tag, sorry. Here are the general sections of my site:

NewSigs and Such-- I have seen a number of amusing and interesting sig. files on various e-mails that I think should be shared with as great an audience as possible. Because of this, and because I get a geoticket for anyone who visits the page, I have amassed a large number of these for display. Some of the authors also have funny pages...check it out. By the way, I know the layout leaves something to be desired...I'm going to fix it up over X-mas break.

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