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The X-Files
The Official Web Site. All the information above the Notes and Quotes on my pages came from here. If you're a fan you must go there now. Skinner's orders.
X-Files Injokes
I do take my own notes during the show, but I've also nabbed some goodies from this site, I would be remiss if I didn't offer a link. If you love nitpicking and such, you'll love this place!
Weasel's Mulderisms Page
I stole some quotes from here, so go ahead, go get your own!
The X-Files Episode Guide
Cliff's site was the inspiration for my website and will probably always be known as The Episode Guide, regardless of what I manage to do here, so return the favour and give him a visit.
Pete Nelson's Wavs
My newest hero this guy. This page will link you to his FTP site for sounds from shows like Friends, Frasier, Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space 9, BUT, the best news is that he now provides sounds from season 4 of The X-Files and you can even join his mailing list from here to have all the sounds sent straight to your email. Most of the sounds in my small sound gallery came from Pete, great quality.
X-Files Fan Forum
Forget anything you may have heard about AOLers (no flame intended my friends) 'cause these folks know how to do this web stuff just fine. This is a new link for me and I have a feeling it's going to become a regular stop. Holy Fandom Batman, what a site!!!!
X Files Terminal Now Accessed
Way cool place this one. Absolutely packed with great stuff. Funny thing is, the guy's not even a fan, this was a test project that snowballed. You have to see it to believe it!
X-Files Greatest Page
Well from the looks of the counter, I'm a wee bit late in finding this place, but by golly, I'm glad I finally did! Every single thing you could ever hope to see or read about the best darn show on the tube. Fantabulous!!
The Australian X-Files Homepage
Very comprehensive site this one. Ooodles of pics, sounds, quotes, pretty bloody good!
The Dutch X-Files Home Page
Good collection of wav files, pics, info, links, the usual, but come on! It's from Holland! Ya gotta go just for this reason right? :-)
Another X-Files Sound Page
Sure, but well worth a visit, especially if you're getting tired of seeing the same old sounds for offer over and over again. Deb has done a terrific job here and includes scads of new season 4 sounds as well as the older series. Great job!
Strongheart's Unofficial X-Files Archive
Nice spot put together by an obvious fan. You'll find lots of sounds, good pictures and links as well.
X-Files Sound-O-Rama
Wowee! Tons of sounds here for the fan that needs Skinner saying "Now's when you pucker up and kiss my a**!" as a Start or Exit sound. Well I've got it for a Start sound myself, something wrong with that?
And here's another good places for sounds, all presented in zip format. Includes the full theme and even the "I did this" from the end.
The X-Files/StarTrek/Babylon5 pages of Daniel Nylander
Can't comment on the Trek or Babylon pages, but the X-Files ones are fab. From Sweden.
Dean Haglund
Don't recognize the name? Shame on you my xphile friend, it's LANGLY'S WEBSITE! That's right, one of our intrepid friends in the Lone Gunmen has his own site where you can read his FAQ and find out what he's all about, from his very own lips (or keystroke whatever). Pop over for a visit, you can even email him from here. 'Course maybe it's all just part of some bigger conspiracy intended to make us believe these people are real and not just shadowy creatures in a silver trailor....na, that can't be right!
The Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade
Revel in all that is the glory of Scully...I mean GA!
Gillian Anderson Estrogen Brigade
The Women Are Out There! If the guys can have one, so can we dammit! Very nice site with some classy links. Well done Gabrielle.
Gillian Anderson Web-Site
You couldn't find a bigger archive of Gillian pics, .wav files, news etc. than right here buster! Absolutely marvelous and constantly updated.
Sky Tv's X-Files Home Page
Pretty good-looking site with a chat area, interviews etc. Includes THOSE Scully pics....you know what I mean...
Mulder It's Me
Simply and beautifully a great big list of GA links, regularly checked by the site's webmaster, great job Jack!
Gillian Anderson Images
Lots of terrific pics here, and broken down for easier loading.
Gillian In Italy
Nice GA shrine, highlighting a Real Audio interview, pics as well as .avi movies and links.
As in Gillian Anderson of course, alias Dana Scully, what else do you need to know?
Mike Quigley's Home Page
Here you'll find some good transcripts of Gillian interviews, including Real Audio interviews and news reports, some pics and links, and even his award-winning Hawaii Five-O Home Page, a SCTV FAQ and personal interviews with Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd back in the old days...would I lie to you? Really!!
MPEB Home Page
Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade (Skinner for those of you unfamiliar with this name). Nothing against Patrick Stewart, but this beautiful bald guy can eat crackers in my bed any day!!
The Walter Skinner FanFic Archive
If you like the bald beauty as much as I do, then read some of these great fanfic stories. From straight forward to flat out sexy, there'll all here!
Duchovnik's Homepage
Everything you ever wanted to know about Agent Mulder's alter ego, David Duchovny, from the people who know him, and love him, best of all. Pics, background info, links, everything right here.
The Oz Files
Not only tons of great X-File stuff here, but hang on to something ladies, DAVID'S TEACUP PICTURES!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here NOW, click on Articles, then Gosssip and head for the one marked "Striptea-se". Trust me ;-)
The Black Lung Association
Cancer Man's Homepage, the man may be evil incarnate, but ya gotta love him!
X-Files Newsletter
Interesting and entertaining page from Germany, this is a newsletter type set-up with reviews and articles as well as pics. Updated monthly, I believe. Or, should I say, I WANT TO BELIEVE!
Angela's Episode Synopsis'
This is Angela's email address flinn@utdallas.edu and if you ask nicely, she'll add you to her list of recipients. The reviews she sends out are thorough and just as enthralling as the episodes themselves, with lots of quotes. Great stuff and I enjoy them all.
Cyn's Dumb Nothingness Posts
If you like your X-Files ep reviews with a lot of humor and a bit of style, then ya gotta read some of Cynthia's work. She's too humble by far.
Cog2 The lone gunwomen
If you read the alt.tv.x-files newsgroup, then you may have encountered the wise and wonderful Gizzie. Her reputation, and admirers, grew and were forced to divide into groups, calling themselves the COGS (Cult Of Gizzie members). I'm a member of Cog2 ... this is our homepage ... proceed at your own risk ... (this group of ladies helps keep me sane)
Scully/Mulder in '96--Trust No One Else
So the REAL election's over, big deal 'cause Scully's still running for Prez! Send on your support from here, and read up on the X-Party Platform (contains minor spoilers for season 4). A bit of fun.
ReBoot: "Trust No One"
The ep where our fearless FBI heroes visited Mainframe. Includes the script and links to other eps as well as Reboot's official fabulous site. As the kids say, cool.
Cute Quote Screen Saver
Very easy to load and use, this will let you write your own quotes for a basic screen saver for Windows 3.1 and '95. If you have the X-Files font, it'll look even better, so here's the X-Files Font Zipped. Seems to be a freeware program, donations welcome
X-Files Desktop Theme
I don't have Windows95 myself, so I can't comment on how this looks, but this link will take you to just a small part of a huge theme site. You'll find an X-Files Theme here. Have fun, 'cause I'm SO jealous!
Terrific collection of among other things X-Files merchandise like audio books, books, watches, mouse pads, hats, jackets and even magazines like the Rolling Stone issue. You can order online or through an 800 number. Tons of other goodies here as well, worth a trip!
The X-Store
Absolutely jammed with x-file merchandise, tshirts, hats, mugs, videos, jackets, keychains, posters, scripts, calendars and even a clock. You have the choice of ordering on-line or by phone
The X-Files Merchandise
Another buncha stuff for sale from Movielink. You can order on-line or through snail mail and phone orders. The prices appear about average
VERY extensive site this. Try NOT believing a UFO landed in Roswell after exploring here. Images, stories, eye-witness accounts, lots of goodies. You may want to set some time aside to really investigate
Tons of info and links here, very informative. I haven't explored the whole thing, it's VERY big and well worth a visit. This is part of the UFOMIND web site, which is billed as "the largest public database on Area 51". Warm up the coffee, this may take a while!
Destination X: The X-Files Jumpstation
Good collection of links to start your surfing
The Truth is Here
What?! You need even MORE links?! Then if this place doesn't satisfy you, there's just no hope, you're addicted
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
Or go straight to the source. Includes Top Ten Most Wanted, Computer Crime info and lots more. Just what they want you to know, you know they're holding back something!
To find out what's really happening out there, this is the actual C.I.A. website. Yeah right, like these guys will ever fess up!
I had to include them 'cause I stole the police tape gif from 'em. This is the real stuff folks. Real crimes, real pictures and real money if you can tip off the authorities


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