Haakon, Lord of Aarnak, Archlord of the Darklands

Appears in: Shadow on the Sand

Darklord Haakon was the ruler of Aarnak and the third Archlord of the Darklands. His reign lasted the shortest time. Haakon was a bitter rival of Darklord Slutar's. When Zagarna died, civil war raged throughout the Darklands as Darklord Slutar and Haakon fought for the throne. When Darklord Haakon captured the Kai warrior Lone Wolf, Darklord Slutar set the prisoner free in the hopes that his action would be detrimental to Haakon's image. His plan backfired, however; Haakon revealed that Slutar had released the warrior, imprisoned in Helgedad, and Slutar quickly became an outcast of the Darklords. Haakon ascended to the throne with ease afterwards.

Darklord Haakon began reassembling the broken Darkland army and once more vowed vengeace upon the Sun-realm. When Zakhan Moudalla of Vassagonia died, he had been succeeded by Kimah, an evil sympathizer of the Darklands. Haakon and the new Zakhan Kimah agreed to a deal: Haakon would cede to Kimah the Orb of Death, a powerful weapon, and Kimah would lure Lone Wolf to Vassagonia, imprison him, and hand him over to Lord Haakon.

Zakhan Kimah managed to have Lone Wolf sent to the Vassagonian capital. There, Lone Wolf escaped from his prison and infiltrated the Zakhan's inner chambers. Listening in on a conversation between the Zakhan and Haakon, Lone Wolf discovered that the Book of the Magnakai, a Kai relic lost in time, was in Vassagonia.

Haakon had ordered excavation at the Tomb of the Majhan, a Shianti crypt that housed the Vassagonian ancestors. Lone Wolf eventually managed to not only recover the Magnakai artifact but also destroy Haakon in a titanic battle in the Tomb. Civil war raged once more following Haakon's death.

Darklord's Haakon's emblem is that of a snarling Vordak on a red banner. His personal weapon was a power crystal, though he could also summon a dhorgaan, and like any other Darklord, crypt spawn. Haakon has the face of a young human male, but he wore a black helmet to cover his visage. His upper body was muscled, and his blood-vessels could be seen clearly through the skin. Haakon had bony and powerful fingers, and his intestines was mounted in a transparent sack in front of his torso. The third Archlord was very cruel. Even the most bloodthirsty of his spawn secretly wished they could leave him and join another Darklord.