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Star Wars Homepage Favorites
Title/Link Comments
Arcana's Star Wars Page This mate has some truly hellified awesome pics. Stop by and check him out!
The Battle Zone Membership is always opened in the alternate Star Wars Universe. Drop out of hyperspace to fall into a plot or two. Maybe you might just get a shot at the Emperor, like you've always wanted!
Bisie's Star Wars Fan Comments It's a family affair over here at Fan Comments. Everyone is happy to be back online and chatting about the latest SW entertainment.
Boba Phil's Homepage This dude definitely knows about his computer games, stop by for up to date information on Nintendo 64
Bubble's Homepage During my stay at Agnes Scott, I developed some friendships that are as weird and interesting as I am! Bubbles is one such friend and the guiding light to our organazation called ISAD, International Society for the Advancement of Dorks. I am a card carrying member, but like a dork I forgot to get my card. DOH!!
C3P0's Starport Just when I think they don't make 'em anymore addicted then me, along comes Mr. Threep. He also has a few fanfix you might just wanna read. Know what I mean? (neither do I for the matter!)
Jaret Davis' Star Wars Homepage His comments page is a must BE! Unfortunately it was shut down, but his page still has interesting facts.
Jason's SW Page So, I may be bragging when I say this was and still is the ULTIMATE Star Wars Multimedia Homepage I could find when I first started surfin'. Well, this place is still dear to my heart and still has the ROCKIN' sounds we all know and love!
KD's Star Wars Page She has the inside trek on SW as well as Indiana Jones
Lord Charon's Outpost This is Daniel's homepage. He's really into the graphics and card trading aspect of Star Wars. Unfortunately he went to France and has not updated since! Drop a line if you see this Lord Charon.
The Mary-Agnes Scott Duck Homepage Well she has everything from Star Wars to Ducks...
Michael's Homepage Check out his new Ewok Safari
The Official Star Wars Homepage All you want to know, plus neat games and trivia.
StarWarrior's Headquarters This is home to the family I spoke of at Bisie's Fan Comments. Get all of our stats here and make yourself at home!
Star Wars by Kerberos This page is on my list for three reasons. I love the character bios, I love the SW Catina song (download it today), and because I say so!
Star Wars Top Ten The most interesting top ten list since David Letterman. Some of the familiar writers on FanFix actually contribute to this comedy!

Star Wars Reading Library
Title/Link Comments
Bantam Daily Double's Homepage This feature new releases by all the SW authors in the universe.
Dark Horse Comic's Homepage 'Nuf said!
Kill Lando Book List If you are new to the Star Wars Universe and don't know where to start for the best reading materials, this gentlemen has a great skeleton list of all the recent published books concerning Star Wars.
The Star Wars Fan Fiction Page The best site for all the SW fan fiction in the world--well, that is in my opinion only.

Title/Links Comments
Harry's Place Warning Sensory overload but check out the ISAD page and his stats and his fraternity house, but don't--I REPEAT DON'T--make a left on a one way street that goes right!
Matt's Scripts Archives This aids you in more advanced HTML work by giving you an archive of scripts. A must see for those who want to go that step further.
RGB Triplet Color Chart A List Of Colors and their command initiators. These are all the colors officially accepted by Netscape. Happy Hunting.
Savage Garden No! This is not the musical group of the Savage Garden, but a schoolmate of mines whose page is interesting enough to visit. So why aren't you there already?
Sunny's HTML Guide for the Helpless. An easy to understand guide that leads through most of the webs most harrowing experiences, including..."Maker Be With Us"...FRAMES!!
Sunny's Index of Cool WebSites. Link to aid you in HTML


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