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I have been to the top of the mountain, and I was satisfied with what I saw. Okay, I have been to the top of the mountain five times and am pretty sure I am going to be going more frequently this summer. If you need ask what mountain...bye! Click Lycos Search Engine and have a nice day.

For those who are still reading, obviously you know I was speaking of The Phantom Menace. But, you also know this is my rant page so get prepared to hear the worst of it. I have a serious problem with the movie. It was wonderful, plot did matter, it was beyond my best dreams and Liam Neeson is a HOTTIE!!! That is all and good but I still had a problem with this movie.

Where are all the dang Ewoks? I paid good money in anticipation of blasting those furry little things and they stood me up! It broke my heart to not see those adorable teddy bears defeating a legion of the Emperor's best armies. My trigger finger itched for about 2 hours and 11 minutes with no sense of satisfaction. I was so torn and broken about the 'no show' that I had to plug about $5 in cash to play that new Star Wars Arcade game after the movie. I had to shoot the little teddy bears for old time sake.

At one point I thought Jar Jar would be an acceptable solution but I like the Gungan so I couldn't waste ammunitions on him. Oh well, I just have to hope and pray that Lucas hears my prayers, puts some Ewoks in the next movie and sells some blasters right outside the theater door. Now that would make this movie excellent.

Okay, so maybe there really isn't a problem with the movie. LOL!


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