Forever Faithful to the Light

Updated: July 30, 1997

This is my small contribution to the Star Wars Universe. Pretty much what takes place is Luke has suffered from some sort of form fatigue illness which is slowly draining his life away. Shortly after a frightening episode where Luke passes out in the mess hall of the Great Temple he is shipped to Coruscant to undergo a more rigorous medical scan. He allies with the regular group of Star Wars adventurers (with some surprise additions) as they discover the source of Luke's illness along with one of the more evil remnants of the Dark Jedi era.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

The Aria Chronicles

Updated: February 6, 1998

The Aria Chronicles comes from a character I created in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. If you want some background on this character, please read her character profile, which is listed first. Each story is related to Aria but they are not continuations of the same plot. Rather, they are a glimpse at the life of a Dathomirian Witch who has to learn to deal with life to avoid a path many of her people have strayed onto. To see what Aria has to offer, please read the following stories concerning this wild one.

Meet Aria

Forcing the Issue

Unexpected Circumstance

The Fall Out

Next stop SURROUND

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