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Star Wars Update

Everything you want to know about the Star Wars Universe... well at least everything I know! This page will be continuously updated as I keep an ear out for the latest information. From now on this section will be dated. All information will be kept as current as I am allowed working full time and rearranging my schedule constantly. This is a fact.
Updates are being archived bimonthly. The first set of archives are the updates that were never dated, after that everything follows suit in chronological order. Only the recent six months will be on display at any given time. This process will be extensive and confusing so bear with me during this time of construction. Take Me to the Archives!

  • 5-28-98: Am I jumping up and down with glee? Yes. Why? Because throughout this rotten week nothing good has become of it but finally I get something in the mail to make me smile. I can't say what but if you ever drop by here,
    Thank You STEVE! You Have Brought A Smile To My Face!
    I really appreciate it and thought I would give you a thanks the only way I knew how. I thought it had been sent back, thank the Force it didn't... I am truly appreciative.
  • 5-21-98: There are two huge events going on for the Sci-fi/Fantasy luvers. The first being Gen Con '98 in Milwaukee, WI from August 6-9. The other being Dragon Con '98 held in Atlanta, Georgia from September 3-6th. Mark it on your calendars and you might see me at the Atlanta Dragon Con.
  • 5-7-98: I got so wrapped up in the other Star Wars books that it slipped my notice :):) that a new Young Jedi Knight book has come out. That is correct and being the newshound that I am (a rather deliquent newshound) I want everyone to know that YJK: Return to Ord Mantell is out on the book shelves. Or you can order your copy at Amazon Online Bookstore. Make sure to get your copy of I, Jedi
  • 5-7-98: I put this up too late but HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!! I didn't get to go to Rio Bravo because I was working but I hope everyone enjoyed that day.
  • 4-29-98: During a recent trip in March, I was one a few people honored with an advance copy of I, Jedi by Micheal Stackpole, author of the X Wing: Rogue Squadron series and Battletech series. After reading the book in less than a day, I really must say, YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE THIS BOOK. So, to further expediate the purchase of such a rare find, I asked a little birdie about the release date. Well the birdie was generous enough to predict about May 6, 1998. So save your credits, this truly is a good buy.

  • 4-29-98: I must say, that birdie has been a real swell gal because guess what other release date has been predicted? Come on, guess. Well, I have heard a chirp or two about the release date of the second installment to Timothy Zahn's Hand of Thrawn series. The length is debatable with some saying it really is a trilogy combined into two books but they were sure of one thing. We will NOT have to endure until November. As a matter of fact, we only have to endure until SEPTEMBER! I repeat, Visions of the Future will be out on the stands in early September.

  • 4-24-98: I don't get into the games that much (mainly because you need a TV and a game system to play) but I did have the pleasure of watching Mysteries of Tera Kasi (spelling) in action. This is the newest release by West End Games and it is truly fun to play. It is definitely a 3D version of Mortal Kombat (hey, I have quarters to spend at the local arcade) with accompanying Dark Side powers and/or lightsabers. I'd pick Mara Jade anyday over Luke!
  • Next stop YJK CHARACTERS

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