The Essential Guide To Learning Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Me-- And My Alterego! :-)

The Basics




Age: 16

Age: 30+

Hair: Brown

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Location: VA, Earth

Location: Yavin 4

Marital Status: Single

Marital Status: Single

Religion: None

Religion: Force

Weapon of Choice: Fists

Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber

Languages: English, German

Languages: Basic, Droid, Many Others

Talents: Acting, Computers, Gaming, Sleeping

Talents: Force

Goals: Get a job in computers

Goals: Train Jedi Knights

Best SW Movie: Return of the Jedi

Best SW Movie: Star Wars, I did not know Leia was my sister

Family: Small, okay, busy

Family: Small, Loving, Wonderful, Near perfection

Friends: Many

Friends: Lots

Hobbies: Computer, Acting, Stage Crew

Hobbies: Friends, Jedi Training

Favorite Drink: Old Milwaukee Red Lager(nolonger sold around here)

Favorite Drink: Corellian Ale

Favorite Food: Mexican, Italian

Favorite Food: Fried Dewback

Gorgeous Girl: Carrie Fisher, Cindy Crawford

Gorgeous Girl: Mara Jade

Quote: "I take the fith amendment,
you can't hold any of this against me!"

Quote: "But I wanted to go into Tosche Station and pic up some power converters!"

Wishes he had the power to Control The Galaxy

Actually has the power to Control The Galaxy

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