Sleeper Capsules for 2300AD
by Bryn Monnery

Converted from Traveller (TNG edition)

Sleeper Capsules are a cyrogenic method of storing people, transporting them somewhere and then thawing them. There is mention of them in "Bayern", and they are a necessary plot point, but otherwise they don't register on the 2300 landscape. Why?

Looking at the Traveller rules (the nearest thing we have), there is a chance of serious injury or death from using Sleeper Tubes. In 2300 terms, reviving a person from a sleeper tube is a fairly trivial task (2+ to succeed, add Medical skill to roll, and deduct number of weeks in statis, hazardous). Superficial damage will result in losing hair, fingernails falling out etc. A Minor mishap produces a light wound, loss of a minor body part like a finger etc. A Major mishap would leave the subject (aka "Victim") blind, without the use of limbs etc. A Total mishap is an outright death. The upshot being that if a full "Sleeper converted" Anjou sets off with 2,000 sleepers, then dozens will suffer serious trauma or death.

The other problem is that cumulative damage will develop. I suggest adding 1 to all rolls for every time beyond the first it's used.

The capsules themselves have a volume of 12.5 cubic meters, mass 1 ton and cost Lv20,000 each. They have a minimal power draw, but still require life support to be provided (although it's probably a different type). They cost Lv5 per day to operate, and normally charge Lv50 per light year of travel.

Sleeper Capsules are the "Steerage" of the 24th century, used on colony ships, and 4th class accommodation on liners. They offer a comparitively cheap way to travel between the stars, and if you only travel once the risk is minimal. Never the less, the "Sleeper Lottery" is a tradition on ships that use Sleeper Tubes, 10% of the income from the tubes is placed in a lottery and split equal between families of the dead, or used to pay medical charges from complications.