Sandhurst Army College Historical Battle Database
by Bryn Monnery


Battles of the Tantalum War

The Battle of the Bay

We were one hundred miles out when we saw our last friendly, one of our Naval Frigates launching missiles by the dozen at some little island in the Andaman archepeligo, just like the one we were heading for. We tore past her at over a hundred knots before accelerating to attack speed. The APCs were struggling to keep up so we let them drop back a bit. All I knew about the target was that it was the main satellite for all the Bengali forces in theatre, I was glad to be going somewhere where I'd do some good.

At ten kilometers out we got our first contact. Tactical computers identified a Bengali Naval Corvette, constructed in Japan, one of the so called "Akagi" class. Big mother, 2000 tons. This wasn't going to be as easy as we thought...


The Bengali home area should be a jungle/ wood with the satellite centre in its centre. The Centre should be a bay. The Indonesian home area is open sea.

The bay should have a large beach and extend towards the sea at the edges.

The Bengali's must have half their infantry and hovertanks on the beach. The rest of the infantry should be close to the satellite uplink. The artillery and anti-aircraft formations may be placed anywhere with good lines of sight. The Corvette must be at least 6 inches from the beach.

The Indonesians setup anywhere in their home area.

Bengali Forces

1 Akagi class Corvette

10 T-2B Hovertanks (2 Troops of 4 and one of 2) 4 T-4 Hovertanks (One Troop) 3 A-7 Self Propelled Artillery pieces 1 A-7C Counterbattery Radar, Mobile (Forms single troop with 3 A-7s) 2 A-7A Air Defense Units (Single troop) Satellite Communications Centre Infantry Indonesian Forces

15 S-4 Hovertanks (3 troops of 4 and one of 3 plus command tank)

1 S-4C Command Hovertank 12 H-9 HoverAPCs (3 troops of 4) Infantry Back to the UK in 2300AD page