Maps of Human Space
by Andy Goddard and Bryn Monnery


All these maps are copyright 1999 Andy Goddard, it is with his kind permission I am hosting them. Andy has no objections to copies being made for personal use, and I have no objections to links as long as the fact they are hosted here is stated clearly and plainly.

These maps will be updated shortly to denote the standard trade routes, and additional maps will be available.

Beta Canum Cluster


The Beta Canum Cluster is the core of what some people call the French Arm. In Astrogator practice the French Arm is the name given to the series of trade routes running from Sol (Earth) to Eta Bootis (Aurore) at one terminal, and a branching line to Xi Ursae Majoris, Vogelheim and Pentapod space on the other terminal.

The French Arm is not completely correct terminology as the Vogelheim branch loops back into the "arm" creating a cluster.

The cluster is dominated by the colony world of Beta Canum Venticorum IV, almost every inhabited system is within two translations of BCV, the far frontiers of Eta Bootis, Kafer and Pentapod space only 4, approximately one months travel. BCV-IV is approximately 7 weeks out from Earth by liner.

Economicly this is the greatest concentration of wealth outside of the Human Core, or was. The Kafer invasion of 2301 did great harm to this region, and every world beyond Beowulf, "The Gateway to Earth" suffered greatly. The colony of Hochbaden at DM+18 2776 was destroyed, the French Colony of Nous Voila at Beta Comae Berenices has lost over 75% of its population, over 12 million dead. Trade is at a standstill and humanitarian crises are rising on several worlds as food stockpiles run out.

Links are available from the Beta Canum Cluster to the Wolf Cluster, the Human Coreworlds (Niebelungen, Earth and Tirane), Pentapod Space, Kafer Space (previously labeled as the Serpent Cluster and unexplored) and possibly other clusters.

The Wolf Cluster

The Wolf Cluster is a group of barely explored stars accessable via Eta Bootis and DM+27 2296 (Hochbaden). It was seen as the most likely area for Human expansion at the far terminus of the Beta Canum Cluster, and several nations had launched initial probes of the region before the Kafer Invasion.

The reason the Serpent Cluster was not investigated was Arcturus, there was no way round it, it would effectively blocked all trade to any possible new colonies, rendering them useless. Rather than waste time in the Serpent cluster the nations of Earth looked to other unexplored clusters, Wolf Cluster in particular. The frontier of the Cluster is approximately 10 weeks from Earth.

The main players in opening up this region are those already established in the Beta Canum Cluster though, Azania, Britain, France, Germany and Japan.

Germany holds probably the most complete source of data, Bavarias ARI had conducted a thougth survey of DM+18 2776 and short surveys of several other systems. The biggest push is being made by the nation of Azania though. Azania only has a sufficient resource base for one colony, so they want to grab the best piece of land they can get, they have thus dispatched no less than 4 survey vessels to the region, 80% of their fleet.

France and Britain both have 2 ships in the region, the Germans had 2 but withdrew the DSS Vogelpersktive to safer space after the 1st (false) invasion of 2298, leaving only a single ship, DSS Heidelburg (Hamid class) in the region. Japan also have but one ship in situ.

The main adventure possibilities in the region are exploratory in nature, the main agencies involved in the region are:

Le Service Exploratoire Imperial (France)
RSN Astrographic Service (British)
Astronomischen Rechen-Institut (Germany)
Azanian Scout Service (Azania)
Imperial Japanese Ministry of Colonies and Exploration (Japan)

Who operate 10 scout and survey ships between them. Occassionally an American or Australian ship enters the area, but generally with no mission other than determine what other nations are upto.

Adventure Possibilities:

The Wolf Cluster offers the nations of the Beta Canum Cluster an exploratory frontier as well as a military front, it would be a shame to waste it.