Sung Cho-at-Soon class Starship
by Bryn Monnery

Sung Starships

When first encountered the Sung had a technology level approximately equal to humanity in the late 21st century, but had not developed a stardrive. The largest Sung nation operated a regular off-world transport between their homeworld, Stark and the Xiang homeworld, in the same star system. They had even launched extra-solar craft using lightsails. Initial contacts were with the Chinese who saw an excellent buisness opportunity, however, the Canadians soured the relationship by branding the Sung as slavers, mobilising popular opinion against the Sung. The brief war between the Sung and Terra was mostly a private affair, no real warships involved on the human side but even an armed merchant is more than a match for a reaction driven spacecraft. The primary Sung philosophy of Sos-Soon Atkacharr meant that it was easy for the Sung to surrender to the dominant humans, and China and Canada established enclaves on Stark, the Chinese conducting buisness while the Canadians attempted to "civilise" the Sung.

The Sung were perfectly capable of building starships, but did not have the technology to build the stutterwarp drive, however, contact with humanity was brought stutterwarp technology into Sung hands, although humanity has tried to restrict access, the Sung are far better scientists that humanity and have built drives roughly comparible to 150 year old human technology.

The Cho-at-soon is a typical Sung starship, a simple cylinder with huge solar panels powering her insystem. For outsystem travel she has a massive battery pack, capable of powering the ship for 2 weeks. The battery is recharged insystem by opening the solar panels in solar orbit. The ship is entirely zero-gravity, as the Sung are better suited to flying than humans and their advanced medical technology means they can repair the damage caused by prolonged space flight, however, they require much more space as they operate in 3 rather than 2 dimensions. Like all Sung ships, she is unarmed, China does not allow the Sung to have warships, making them dependent on China for protection from Pirates and other Terran nations.

Sung ships are much rarer than human, but may be encountered throughout human space, although they mostly stay within the Chinese Arm.

Warp efficiency: 1.12 (deep load) (1.94 unloaded)
Power Plant: 5MW solar
Fuel: Batteries lasting 2 weeks (1,210 tons)
Range: 7.7 light years
Mass: 2,077 tons unloaded
Cargo Capacity: 2,908 cubic meters
Crew: 17 (10 Bridge, 6 Engineering, and 1 Medical); Passengers: none
Comfort: 0;
Emergency Power: none
Total Life Support: 17 for 180 days
Cost: MLv24.164

Ship Status Sheet
Move: 2 (4 unloaded)
Screens: 0
Radiated Signature: 0
Radial Reflected: 5
Lateral Reflected: 8
Target Computers: -1;
Radial Profile: -2
Lateral Profile: +1
Armour: 0
Hull hits: 12/3/6
Power Plant Hits: 24 (each destroying 14 hours of battery)
Active: none
Passive: none
Manoeuvrability: 1


Ordnance Load

Sensors and Electronics:
Navigation Radar

Crew Hits:
Bridge: Captain, Navigator, Helm, Communications, Computer

Damage Control: 8