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Peak Crest Weyr Guide (Alternate Second Past)
Guide Last Updated: August 9, 1999

Table of Contents

[01] Introduction
[02] History
[03] Weyr Facilities
[04] Holds and Crafthalls
[05] In the Mundane
[06] Rules and Regs
[07] Stories
[08] Dragons and Firelizards
[09] Other Helpful Files
[10] Requirements
[11] Board of Directors and what we do!
[12] Peak Crest Weyr Persona Sheet (With Examples)
[13] Peak Crest Weyr Persona Sheet (Blank)

[01] Introduction
Welcome to Peak Crest Weyr!
We are a Weyr in the Second Pass of the Red Star, a somewhat alternate timeline of Pern. Please feel welcome to read through this Guide to learn more about our Pass and our Weyr! We still have several status positions open, and as of August 1999, you may apply for them as you please.
Our club is approved as an Offliner, and we send our zines through 'snail-mail' rather than e-mail. Our every-other month newsletter, though, is sent electronically. The amount needed for the zine hasn't been decided as of yet, though subscription will probably be the cost of a disk and stamps, or as much as around $5.00 in the beginning(very unlikely).

[02] History and General Senerio
Before the beginning of the Second Pass, most Holders and Crafters didn't believe that Thread would return. But soon they were proven wrong, and most followed the Weyrs, sending in tithes. But there were those who were discontented, and sailed towards the Southern Continent; and they were known as the rogues.
Soon afterwards, realizing they couldn't suffice without dragons, they called to the Weyrs for help. But the Weyrleaders decided not to set up a Weyr, believing that since their ancestors had left Southern, no one should live there, and that these Holders should come back north. A young Weyrling gold rider from Fort named Laranya, then sixteen, could not ignore these pleas, and began plans for a Weyr. She went on scouting parties to the South, choosing three ideal places for a Weyr. One on Ierne Island, another in the foothills of the Snowy Wastes, and one far towards the east. The mountainous Weyr was to be the first project, since it would be the easiest done, and slowly, for several (nearly five turns on and off, while flying against the Thread), the large crater was developed by hand into a Weyr.
Laranya was to be Weyrwoman, and she, with over four hundred of these renegade dragonriders, set up Peak Crest Weyr, bringing in warm furs for the beds and herd beasts for the dragons. The southern holds tithed willingly to Peak Crest, thankful for protection from the silvery menace.
Golden Dorinth [Laranya's dragon] rose soon after they arrived at the Weyr, leading a long, hard flight to determine the Weyrleader. O'ndur of bronze Vilerth caught the gold, becoming the youngest Weyrleader thusfar in Pern History (he was eighteen). The following clutch produced thirty-seven eggs, and a gold. The gold was Impressed by fourteen turn Noemi of Black Rock River Hold.
In the second flight at Peak Crest, Vilerth did not catch Dorinth, ousted by M'drak and bronze Kyleth. This mating produced a still larger clutch of fourty-one, as well as a gold, and resulted in Laranya's daughter Medrana.
M'drak was a horrible leader, and eight turns later, Laranya died suddenly, leaving Noemi in charge. O'ndur's Vilerth once again caught a Senior Queen, leaving an angry and upset M'drak and bronze Kyleth. This mating, though, produced yet another queen egg, and a clutch of twenty seven eggs.
A turn later, Cascades and Paradise Sands Weyrs had been set up. Two golds from Peak Crest were sent there to help get things started, and several unhappy northern queenriders transfered South. Things ran smoothly for a while, until thirteen turns after Noemi took charge, she stepped down. Drake took charge of the Weyr, and Rn'den's bronze Dusath caught gold Faeth, making the pair the new Weyrleaders of Peak Crest.
Drake is the current Weyrwoman of Peak Crest, with Rn'den's bronze having caught her Faeth once more to keep him as Weyrleader for a second term. Elsyande and her gold Tarasmyth are Drake's Second. Medrana, though still in training, will join Elsyande as WW2 after her graduation. Lysandra is WW3 with her gold Ciandryth. Camyle and Aynrith are the only weyrling gold pair at Peak Crest at this time.
That leaves us in the twenty-ninth turn of the second Pass of the Red Star.

[03] Weyr Description and Facilities
Peak Crest Weyr is a large Weyr built to house between 650 to 900 dragons if necessary. Built into a large, dormant volcano on the edge of the Southern Snowy Wastes, it is fully equipped with heated water due to naturally heated underground water. The Hatching Ground is also heated because of the same reasons as the baths. The Weyr is fully equipped with eight queenrider weyrs, as well as enough for fourty wingleaders. Only four of the queen rider weyrs, and nine of the wingleader Weyrs are currently occupied.
Cascades Weyr and Paradise Sands Weyr hold a maximum of 500 dragons, since Peak Crest is the largest of these Weyrs. The lower caverns are large and generally are full, and Peak Crest has a large amount of healers as well as a small section of the Healer Hall.

[04] Holds and Crafthalls
Peak Crest Weyr has several Holds and Halls to watch over. Below is a listing and the descriptions for each.
-Crested Hill Hold - The main Hold which tithes to Peak Crest Weyr, its main economy is mining and goat and heardbeast farming. Farms some wheat.
-Riverside Hold - small hold near Crested Hill Hold. Mainly deals with traders to get fruits and vegetables for themselves, Crested Hill and the Weyr. Fish as well.
-Traders Road Hold - Large hold along the edge of a trade route used by the trader caravans. Also farms fruits and vegetables and tithes these to the Weyr.
-Crested Hill Harper Hall - the southern establishment of the Harper Hall
-Riverside Smith Hall - smaller of the two Southern Smith Halls.

[05] Mundane Stuff :-)
Since we mail our 'zines through snail mail, there is a mailing fee, which will probably be no more than $5.00 at the time. Our newsletters are sent out six times a year, but through online means instead of U.S. Postal! Below is a list of when things will be sent out by, etc

Zine Sent out:
1. January 1 - 7
2. May 1 - 7
3. September 1 - 7

Submissions Due:
1. December 15
2. April 15
3. August 15

The newsletter will be sent out:
1. First Week of February
2. First Week of April
3. First Week of June
4. First Week of August
5. First Week of October
6. First Week of December

[06] Rules and Regulations
There are certain rules that all Pern Weyrs must follow, set down by Anne McCaffrey herself. They are as follows.
1. You MAY not use Anne McCaffrey's characters at all, nor may you have a name similair to one of her characters! There will be no relatives to her characters either!
2. There will be only gold, bronze, brown, green, and blue dragons! Gold dragons will be Impressed by heterosexual woman, bronzes and browns by heterosexual men, blues by 'masculine' homo- or bisexual men, greens by normally heterosexual women with perhaps a few bisexuals or 'feminine' homo- or bisexual men. There may be a rare female bluerider, and she will have to be homo- or bisexual.
3. There is no religion on Pern! In the second pass, it is possible for a character to know about religions practiced by their ancestors, but the characters may not practice any religion.
4. There is no magic, sorcery, witch craft, wicca, arcane healing, card tricks, etc. Also, there is no ESP, telekinesis, clairvoyance, teleportation without use of a dragon, or any of the like. (We do not allow Star Trek, Star Wars, cyborgs, aliens, druids, witches, or anything else not related to Pern!)
5. You may not write stories about or involving Benden Weyr™, or Ruatha Hold™, or the Fort Harper Hall™. A character may been, born, raised, Impressed, fostered, trained, etc, here but these holds are not to be mentioned in stories!
6. There are no sport-colored dragons like Ruth! He was a one-of-a-kind, rare happening, only hatching because Jaxom broke his shell for him!
7. We are not allowed to role-play online due to our 'offline' charter status! Please do not role-play through email, though stories may be written through it!

Here in Peak Crest, we have our own set of rules, some which may seem fair, and others which may not.

1. Timing is limitited to Queenriders, Wingleaders, Wingseconds, bronzeriders and any other such ranking dragonrider (i.e. weyrling master)
3. HAD (hearing all dragons) personae are allowed at Peak Crest, though we have a limit of them.
4. Only dragon names, and all dragons' names, will end in "th."
5. We' ve got Firelizard limits at Peak Crest, and at the moment, it looks like this:
a) A persona with a gold flitter may have only two of any other color excluding bronze (unless otherwise approved)
b) If your persona has a bronze flitter, the persona may have no more than three of the different colors, and not a gold (unless otherwise approved)
c) There is a maximum of 6 firelizards per persona, and most probably wouldn't have the chance for more than 2. Remember that flits are uncommon in these times.
6. Please use sense when creating names. You may regret if you choose to create a name like K'mart.
7. Super-persona tend to be very boring. Flawlessness is very boring to write about and people get tired of hearing about so-and-so the beautiful with their wonderful voice, great body, Herculean strength, angelic disposition and above genius I.Q. who just so happens to be the Lady Holder of Fort, Master Harper of Pern, and the Weyrwoman of Fort who wants what is best for Pern and has all six of those firelizards, has Impressed a watch wher, and is a Journeywoman Herder. It becomes rediculously silly! Make your character have faults; make your persona have character!
8. Most likely, if you are the Weyrleader or Weyrwoman in another Weyr, or a goldrider for that matter, you will most likely not be given a high ranking persona unless you earn it.
9. Dragon riders may not have more than a journeyman's knot in any craft. They Impress before they have time for becoming a Master, and most people stay with their craft anyway.
10. HADs may not be goldriders unless otherwise noted!

[07] Stories
1. Writing requirements must be fulfilled
2. Please use Pernese language when having your persona talk. We're quite sure that "Cool, man!" and "Trippin' " and "P.H.A.T." did not survive to get to Pern.. much less into the second pass.
3. Please spell check! Makes our editor's job much easier.
4. Our club is 'PG-13' which means please don't write gratuitous graphically pornographic or violent stories.
5. When typing human to dragon speech, please use the following brackets ** **, and for dragon to human }: :{.
6. Our Layout editor will convert all mind speech to italics for the 'zine, but please use the brackets show above.
7. Please indent before every paragraph. If your computer cannot do this, then simply flush all of your writing into the left margin.
8. Write mundane dates (doesn't have to be the day you write it.. can be past, present or future), we've got a convertion calender that we'll change the dates into. Please add the year as well (remember the past thingy i told you?)

[08] Dragons and Firelizards
We've noticed this question: What does a dragon exactly look like?
Well, here's the answer: A dragon does not have scales, instead having a hide that needs constant attention because cracks and breaks in a dragon's skin are dangerous while going between. This hide will gleam if healthy and the dragon taken care of properly, but when a dragon becomes ill or worried, it becomes dull and grayish. They have headknobs instead of ears, a wedge-shaped muzzle, and neck ridges. Their tongues and tails are forked and they bleed ichor, a greenish substance. Dragons have two pentadactyl forelimbs and two tetradactyl hindlimbs, along with two wings that have three sails each, and come together to form a claw at the end.

Both eyes are many faceted, each having three lids (like a frog; but the outer two close when the dragon is asleep). A dragon's eyes' whirl different colors and the speed of the whirling shows the emotions. The faster the whirling, the more intensely felt the emotion is. The colors are explained and remember that colors can be mixed to show various emotions at once.

-blue or green: contentment
-yellow: alarm
-orange: challenge or confidence (can be mixed with red)
-red: fury (When the red is streaked with orange it indicates a lesser anger)
-purple: worry
-white: fright
-gray-tinged: mourning, illness

Dragons are very intelligent, having a high dexterity level, with a short-term memory usually better than those of humans. Their long term memory, however, is not so great.

Dragons lay clutches of eggs, generally ranging between eighteen and thirty eggs in each. Bronze-gold matings produce the larger clutches, and may often include a queen egg, with several bronzes. Brown-gold matings aren't common, and produce small clutches with no golds, and little to no bronzes. Greens are sterile, fortunately, since they are the 'loving' females and mate frequently. Rarely are greens caught by the same male each time.
The shells of the eggs are creamy and swirled with light or pastel colors. Queen eggs are always more golden and larger than the other eggs. The tiny versions of dragons that hatch are called dragonets and always Impress at a Hatching. These hatchlings know which person makes a match with them, due to pheromones and what matches up.
Firelizards are not much different in appearence from dragons, though the headknobs are less prominent. Their intelligence is not very great, but if trained well can be taught to tell their name to the watch dragon if necessary. They can be Impressed by whoever first feeds them.

[09] Other Helpful Files
We have a few other files that may be useful when it comes to making persona sheets and doing other things. None are finished yet, but as soon as they are requests can go ahead and poor in! These are the files that will be available upon request:

-Dolphin Guide - request from
-Weyrling Manual - request from
-Candidacy Manual - request from
-Female Fire Lizard Manual - request from
-Trader Guide - request from
-Rogue Guide - request from
-Queen Dragon Guide - request from
-Wingleader Guide - request from
-Clutch Chart - request from
-Conversion Chart - request from any BOD member
-Peak Crest Weyr's Badge (drawn by ) - request from any BOD member
-A List of NPCs - request from any BOD member
-A List of Firelizards - request from any BOD member
-A List of Dragons - request from any BOD member
-A List of PCs - requst from any BOD member

[10] Requirements
These are the requirements for having a ranking persona. Non-ranking persona do not have to meet requirements. "Per Turn" is the equivalent to "per year." Also, if you must fulfill the requirements for two positions, they are cumulative, meaning that you combine what you can, in this case fulfilling the higher requirements instead of adding them together. An example would be a bronzerider Wingleader -- the requirements would be wing updates and two stories per Turn, not four.

In parenthesis besides each title and requirement is if the position is filled and by whom (persona name).

Senior Weyrwoman (filled by Weyrwoman Drake-
Four stories per Turn
Weyr report every Turn
Mundane help at Peak Crest

Weyrwoman's Second (filled by WW2 Medrana- and WW2 Elysande-
Three stories per Turn
Help Weyrwoman with report/update
Mundane help at Peak Crest

Queenrider (Two filled: WW3 Lysandra-, WW4 [once graduated] Camyle-
Two stories per Turn
Mundane help at Peak Crest

Weyrleader (Occupied by NPC for time being- Rn'den)
Four stories per Turn
Wing report every Turn
Mundane help at Peak Crest

Weyrleader's Second (Open)
Three stories per Turn
Help Weyrleader with report
Mundane help at Peak Crest

Bronzerider (Open)
Two stories per Turn

Wingleader (Some Open)
Two stories per Turn
Wing update every quarter of a Turn (every issue of the 'zine)

Wingsecond (All Open)
Two stories per Turn
Help Wingleader with updates

Weyrlingmaster (filled by bronzerider M'nal -
One story per Turn
Weyrling update every quarter of a Turn

Weyrlingmaster's Second (One needed for each clutch)-
One story per Turn
Help Weyrlingmaster with updates

Lord/Lady Holder (some open; ask for specific Holds)-
One story per Turn
Hold report once per Turn

Lord/Lady Warder-
One story per Turn
Hold report once per Turn

MasterCrafter of Pern-
Three stories per Turn
Craft report once per Turn

Crafthall Master-
Three stories per Turn
Hall report once per Turn

Master Crafter -
Two stories per Turn
Help Crafthall Master with reports

WeyrCrafter -
One story per Turn
One WeyrCraft report per Turn

Headwoman/Headman of the Lower Caverns -
One story per Turn
Lower Caverns report once per Turn
Some Mundane Help at Peak Crest

Headwoman/Headman's Second -
One story per Turn
Help Headwoman/Headman with reports

HAF: Hearing All Fire-lizards -
Three stories per Turn
Mundane Help at Peak Crest

HAD: Hearing All Dragons -
Five stories per Turn
Mundane help at Peak Crest

[11] Board of Directors

Want to know about the people who are managing your Weyr? Here's the list of our loving BOD.
Erin (Weyrwoman Drake)
Caitlin (WW2 Medrana)
Charis (WW2 Elysande)
Darcey (WW4 [once graduated] Camyle)

[12] Peak Crest Weyr Persona Sheet with Examples

This shows you how to fill out the persona sheet just in case something we say isn't so clear on the sheet!

The Real You
Name: Your full name, first and last!
Online Mail Address: E-mail addy please!
Street Address: explains itself dontcha think? :-D
City, State, Zip Code: ya know all about it! :-D

Your Persona
Name: Any name you want as long as it's not too Terran! Male dragonriders elide their names. Please remember the rule about Anne McCaffrey's Pern characters!
Sex: no smart remarks please :-D
Position: Rank (i.e.: green rider, gold rider, lord holder, master harper)
Location: One of our locations please!
Age and Birthdate: The age and the month/day please! we'll fill in the year for ya!
Birthplace: Any Hold, any Weyr, any Crafthall, but please use a ™ if you say Benden Weyr™, Ruatha Hold™ or the main Harper Hall™!
Parents' Names and Ranks: Any ole name you want, and any rank as well!
Siblings: Unless the mother is a dragonrider, please have at least one brother or sister!
Eye shape and color: Does your character's eye turn up? Are the brown?
Hair color/Style: Blonde? Brown? Red? A mix of colors? Light? Dark? Short? Curly?
Complexion: Acne problems? Clear? Dark? Fair?
Build: Small/Medium/Large/Average/Muscular?
Height: are they short or tall? (please give in feet and inches if you can)
Weight: Would your persona get blown away by a strong gust? Or are they on the chubby side?
Identifying Marks: Scars, birthmarks?
Handedness: Right, Left, Ambidextrous?
Jewelry: Silver? Gold? Rings? Diamonds? Necklace?
Weapons: Dagger? Sword?
Background: just a little history
Timeline: You don't have to include this.
Personality: Shy? Loud? Intelligent? Kind?
Pets: Firelizard? Canine? Feline? Runner? Or something totally different like a spiderclaw?

Name: Dragon names always end in 'th'!
Color: gold/bronze/brown/blue/green. NO sport colors!
When/Where Impressed: How many Turns ago and in which Weyr?
Sire/Dam: leave this blank if your dragon was Impressed at Peak Crest Weyr!
Wing: we'll assign this for ya!
Size: small/medium/large for color?
Appearance: scars, color variations and tones
Personality: Any special character traits?
Relationships: Does your bronze keep catching a certain gold or green? You can leave this blank if you'd like.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Bad temper? Short flame? Ability to time?

Craft: Harper? Healer? Weaver?
Rank: Senior or Junior Apprentice? Journeyman? Master? Craftsmaster?
Masters: Any masters your character was or is under
Specialty: Good at fixing broken bones? Good voice? Good embroiderer?
Strength and Weaknesses: Can't do something? Really good at something? put it here!

Hold: Name of the Hold
Size: small, medium, large, megalopolis sized, cothold
Economy: Do you grow wheat? Raise runners?

Title: Trader? something else?
Abilities: What's your specialty?

Name: Any name will do.
Age: how old are they?
Sex: again male or female
Rank: Crafter? Dragonrider? Holder?
Where they are now: Which hold, weyr or crafthall?


[13] Peak Crest Weyr Persona Sheet (blank)

Peak Crest Weyr Persona Sheet
The Real You
Online Mail Address:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip Code:

Your Persona
Age and Birthdate:
Parents' Names and Ranks:
Eye color:
Hair color/Style:
Identifying Marks:

When/Where Impressed:
Strengths and Weaknesses:

Craft and Specialty:
Strength and Weaknesses:



Where they are now:

After you've copied and pasted into a text a new file (preferable not in AOL) or an e-mail and finished filling it out, please send it to and Caitlin and Darcey will read through it and send it down the line!

Peak Crest Weyr Board of Directors