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"...but this is mostly for Vancouver. This is for you guys." - Chris Carter at the 1998 Golden Globes

I'll admit it - I love Vancouver. Though I've only lived in British Columbia for five years, I've fallen in love. Not only is Vancouver a thriving metropolis full of beauty and culture, it was the birthplace of my favourite television series. Naturally, I was heartbroken when I learned The X-Files was moving from Vancouver to Los Angeles. This page is a thank you to all the cast and crew who worked on the series, and a remembrance of their first five years in Vancouver. This one's for you, Vancouver!

So far, this site contains a list of the places the X-Crew filmed at while in Vancouver, pictures of some of those locations, and links to other Vancouver/X-Files sites, as well as bios on the Canadian cast and crew. If you have any information regarding any of these topics, feel free to e-mail me at

News Flash!

David Duchovny's Vancouver Essentials

I recently stumbled across a wonderful article about David Duchovny's favourite spots in Vancouver, and being the cool people you are, I just had share it with you. (Thanks go to the fabulous Chimerical website!) If you want more information about the places listed below, please consult the complete article.


  • Sooke Harbour House
    • On Vancouver Island.
  • The Sutton Place Hotel
    • They have "nice massage people."


  • Blue Water Cafe & Raw Bar
    • "They have a great oyster bar."
  • Capers Cafe
    • This is a "good place for lunch."
  • Elbow Room Cafe
    • "People go there to be abused by the waiters."
  • Il Giardino di Umberto
    • David went there when first dating Tea. Ahhh...
  • The Naam Restaurant
    • Try David's favourite meal - Buddha's Feast and Noh Pie.
  • Tojo's
    • "If I could eat only one thing in Vancouver, I would go with Tojoís tuna sashimi."


  • Delilah's
    • Try the Delilah martini.
  • Gerard Lounge
    • "Itís a celebrity-watching watering hole."


  • Duthie Books
    • A good place to read "radical Canadian newspapers."
  • Vancouver Flea Market
    • It's open every weekend!

Filming Locations

Want to know where all your favourite X-Files really took place? Check out these filming locations!

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5


Vancouver Snapshots - My collection of X-Files related photographs.


Brendan Beiser - aka Agent Pendrell.
Tom Braidwood - aka Melvin Frohike.
William B. Davis - aka Cigarette-Smoking Man.
Dean Haglund - aka Ringo Langly.
Bruce Harwood - aka John Fitzgerald Byers.
Nicholas Lea - aka Alex Krycek.
Chris Owens - aka Jeffrey Spender.


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Canadian Landmarks & Sightings - From TV Guide.
The Canadian X-Files - A list of Canadian references seen on the show.
Grouse Mountain - Also known as "Skyland Moutain" (seen in "Ascension").
Mount Seymour - Also known as "Skyland Moutain" (seen in "Ascension").
Lions Gate Studios - The X-Files old home base in Vancouver.
Orca Bay Entertainment - The owners of GM Place (seen in "The End").
Pendrell Suites - Also known as "Scully's apartment".
Powertech Labs Inc. - Also known as "Secret Government Installation" (seen in "E.B.E").
Reel Vancouver - An insider's guide to Hollywood's biggest backlot.
William Davis Centre for Actors Study - Cancerman's acting school.
The V-Files - A description of Vancouver for the uninitiated.
XF/Van Tour - Find pictures and names of locations here.
The X-Tour - A new X-Files tour offered in Vancouver. Check out this page for more details!