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 Hi...I am Vampyre Lestat and this is my home page.
  I am nearly done remodeling my page and I am in the 
process of adding some very exciting things.  I already 
added my book reviews and I plan
to add movie reviews as soon as I have some free time.  
If you want to take a sneak-peek at some of the new stuff
that I am adding, click on the link above.  Finally, if you 
want to try out the first of many Warcraft PUDS designed by Me, 
click here.  Well, thank you for your time, and
come back soon!  By the way, while you are here, sign up for 
my brand new Internet Ring!.

So check this page out!
By the way, please sign my guestbook!

"X-Files Theme" -

The theme to one of the hottest Sci-fi shows on television today.

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Author S.P. Somtow's Home page
To my Star Trek:The Next Generation episode listings
To my Star Trek:The Original Series episode listings
To my Star Trek:Deep Space Nine episode listings
To my Star Trek:Voyager episode listings

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