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"E - LEC - TRI - CITY"

This was said by the person (seen from inside the mouth) in the convenience room scene.

"In the sweetness of passing time, this hour will soon seem like a day. I'm not one of your TEENAGE PEABRAIN CHAMBERMAIDS!"

Catherine Martell (played by Piper Laurie) said this to Benjamin Horne

(played by Richard Beymer)

during one of their many "encounters" this one at the SMALL PLEASANT MOTEL located at the White Tail Mountains.

"Wait right there! Wait right there!"

(Agent Cooper holds up a hand to stop a waitress at The Great Northern Dining Room)

"I'd like two eggs, over hard, don't tell me, I know, it's hard on the arteries, but old habits die hard, just about as hard as I want those eggs.........bacon, super-crispy, almost burned: cremate it..."

(At this point Audrey Horne is doing her beguiling, rip-your-heart-out routine and sashays across the dining room to Cooper's table.)

Cooper continues.......

"......that's great, I'll have the ......grapefruit juice, as long as ......."

(Now Cooper is admiring Audrey)

.....those grapefruits are freshly squeezed!"

In the movie FIRE WALK WITH ME there was a scene in which Cooper reported to Gordon Cole about a dream he had (involving Agent Philip Jeffries). Cooper goes into the hall to stare into the lens of a camera (viewed from inside the Surveillance Room). He does this many times, then quickly sprints into the Surveillance Room to view the screen. After several attempts, he sees nothing but an empty hallway. But the last time Cooper is AMAZED to see himself staring into the camera, and behind him is Phillip Jeffries coming towards him and the camera. On the screen Jeffries walks past Cooper.

This led to a brief visitation with Philip Jeffries, Gordon Cole, and Albert Rosenfield.

While Jeffries was at the Surveillance Room, they (naturally) had lots of questions for him. At one point they asked him about Judy. To which he replied:

"I'm not going to talk about Judy! Keep Judy out of this!"

At one point Gordon Cole turns to Jeffries and says:

" I alone??? He's gone!!!! Albert, come back here, call the FRONT DESK!!!

Albert replies:

"I've got the front desk right now. He never was here. No record of him entering the building!!!"

Cooper and Cole sit in front of the monitor in the Surveillance Room. Cooper plays back the surveillance tape. IT SHOWS JEFFRIES COMING UP BEHIND COOPER AND MOVING PAST HIM!!!

Cooper turns to Cole and states:

"He WAS here!"

One of the many mysteries of Twin Peaks:


Phillip Jeffries is played by DAVID BOWIE

Laura Palmer and Ronette Pulaski (played by Phoebe Augustine)

In the movie FIRE WALK WITH ME these girls are referred to as "The Party Twins" (by Jacques ReNault - played by Walter Olkewicz) They see each other at "The Roadhouse"

Ronette says to Laura: "You smell nice."

Laura to Ronette: "Haven't seen you since I was thrown out of One Eyed Jacks!"

Ronette to Laura: "What else did we do together? Oh, I remember.... Hey, you know what? It's been a year. She's been dead a year......she's been dead a year!"

She was referring to Teresa Banks

Laura and Donna and their two male companions left THE ROADHOUSE and drove to BORDER TRUCK STOP. They went through that to enter: PARTYLAND! Where Laura showed Donna a part of her Donna had never seen! Donna wanted to prove to Laura that she could act like her.

"Chug-a-lug, Donna!"

Laura urges Donna to keep up with the rest of them. When Laura gives Buck (one of their companions) a wink, he drops a "red depth charge" into Donna' beer!

Inside PARTYLAND, they had arranged to meet Jacque (who had arrived there first). Then they all had fun together!!

Quotes from Jacques to Laura:

"I'm as blank as a fart!"

"Hey, slow pokes, guess what! There's no tomorrow! Laura baby, you know why? Cause it will never get here???"

"I am the GREAT WENT!!"

Laura replies,
"I am the muffin!"

To that Jacque replies:
"And what a Muffin you have!!!"

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