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It all ended in a Train Car.....


The Twin Peaks Page by Teddie McCollum, I continue the saga via my mind and soul......Together we will try to unravel the many mysteries of Twin Peaks and the people that live there. . . . . . . .

Laura's Trip to a Better World



It began (or should I say it ended) in a train car. Laura (played by Sheryl Lee) (an innocent girl) was killed in a brutal and horrifying way. It was her only recourse to free herself from BOB! Her life was full of confusion and SECRETS! She was the high school sweetheart, most popular girl, adored by many, loved by most. She not only had many friends, but also did lots of unselfish things to help others less fortunate than herself. She had a special power over most men and could manipulate them to serve her every desire! BOB was always lurking in the shadows to steal her joy. (Could he be responsible for the power she had over men?) He loved spoiling the lovely things in Laura's life because he WANTED TO BE HER! Being popular, beautiful, charming and dynamic was a good defense to hide all the secrets, misery, pain and suffering Laura felt most of the time. Hers was a bittersweet, tragic life that came to a terrifying, ugly end for all concerned.


"I carry a log----yes. Is it funny to you?? It is not to me! Behind all things are reasons. Reasons can even explain the absurd. Do we have the time to learn the reasons behind the human being's varied behavior??? I THINK NOT! Some take the time. Are they called detectives?? Watch---and see what life teaches!"

On Friday, Feb. 24th, Pete Martell (played by the beloved late................ Jack Nance) found a body (the body he would soon find out, of Laura Palmer) washed up on the river bank.


.These are the words he emotionally uttered to Twin Peaks sheriff Harry Truman (played by Michael Ontkean).

Also on this dayThe Twin Peaks High School was closed to honor her memory (as was the Packard Saw Mill). On this day we also are introduced to the TERRIFIC Special Agent Dale Bartholomew Cooper (played by Kyle MacLachlan)! It is my personal opinion that with the help of Agent Cooper, Laura was able to find her Guardian Angel in her time of transition and escape the evil clutches of BOB.


Agent Dale Cooper is a unique individual who travels with his companion "Diane".

Diane is Agent Coop’s hand held, voice activated tape recorder. There has been much controversy about Diane. Is Diane a real person, Coop’s alter-ego, or a enjoyable habit? My opinion is that Diane is a real person that works closely with Coop on every case. She is a secretary of sorts and also a close partner. Coop tells her his every opinion, fact, and details of every case. Although Diane is never actually seen, she is referred often for a variety of things. My opinion is that she is a sister sort to Coop and he was never romantically involved with her, although he holds her in high esteem. contributed the following information in regards to "Diane". Thank you so much!!!!

. Regarding Diane:
In "My life, My Tapes: The Autobiography of Dale Cooper" Dale reveals:

Diane is indeed his secretary, she was even transfered with him from the St. Louis office of the Bureau to the San Fransisco office. They once had dinner: * Peking Duck* and Cooper observed that although he had worked with her for a number of years, he did not know her last name! Cooper gets his first tape recorder (a reel-to-reel dude) for Christmas, 1969. His first recordings are made with a long yellow extension cord, limiting his ventures to shortly beyond his front yard.

Upon Coop’s arrival to Twin Peaks, two things (actually three) stand out for him. Coffee, pie, and the scent of a Douglas Fir! When he comments to the waitress about the coffee, he politely says; "Wait a minute, wait a minute!" (The waitress pauses, while Coop tastes the coffee). "You know, this is, excuse me, a DAMN fine cup of coffee!" He is constantly indulging in coffee and cherry pie throughout the film, when in real like, he HATES cherry pie.

The F.B.I. is not always accepted in a small town like Twin Peaks, but Agent Cooper became very well liked by everyone. He worked with Sheriff Harry S. Truman in the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department.

Lucy always prepared donuts every morning for the Sheriff's Department!

On Feb. 26th Agent Cooper led Lucy, Andy, Deputy Hawk and Sheriff Truman on a very unique search for the person (persons) that may be involved in the murder of Laura Palmer.

Agent Cooper has many dreams, dreams that reveal certain meaningful avenues to explore and investigate. In this world of super DNA testing, Forensic Science, Super Laboratories, etc. "Coop" had all of this BEAT with his dreams and visions and wit.

He proved this to Lucy, Andy, Deputy Hawk, and Sheriff Truman that day under the Douglas Pines! He showed all of them a map of Tibet and proceeded to explain to them a dream of ending political oppression of Tibet.

Special Agent Cooper stated:

"I awoke from the same dream realizing that I had subconsciously gained knowledge of a deductive technique involving mind-body coordination operating hand in hand with the deepest level of intuition."

"Today, however, we are going to concentrate on the "J's." Harry, if you would, when I give the word, would you please read aloud each of the names we've written on the blackboard, all of whom had a direct connection with Laura Palmer."

"Deputy Hawk, if you would hold this bucket of rocks up near me where I can get at them."

"Deputy Andy, would you please move down near the bottle and stand."

"Lucy, would you please take the chalk?"

"If I hit the bottle after Sheriff Truman calls out a particular name, make a check on the board to the right of that name -- Sheriff, I almost forgot, when you say the name, also briefly describe, if known, the person's relationship to Laura Palmer -- ready?"

Cooper nods to Hawk, who holds up the bucket, then nods to Truman.

With this he quickly gave orders to all of his observers. They each had a specific job to do in this "deductive technique". In short Agent Cooper threw rocks at a bottle while naming every person Laura Palmer knew or had contact with whose name started with a "J". During this, he even hit Andy in the head accidently!

He hit the bottle when Dr. Jacoby's name was called while throwing the rock, but it didn't break. (Not breaking was an important factor).

When Leo Johnson's name was given to a rock, the bottle was hit and broken! Very important!

The night of Feb. 26th, Agent Cooper had a dream involving the "Little Man From Another Place" and Laura Palmer. Laura and Agent Cooper were in a strange room (referred by some as the REDROOM), when a strange man appeared and exclaimed:

"Let's Rock!"

REDROOM or The Waiting Room

The Little Man From Another Place (referred to as LMFAP) tells Agent Cooper, "I've got good news!!! That gum you like is coming back in style!!"

Agent Cooper looks at Laura Palmer. Noticing this the LMFAP looks at Coop and says:

"She's my cousin. She looks like Laura Palmer. She is filled with secrets!"

Then Laura Pamer (or lookalike) replies: "Yes, I feel I know her. But sometimes my arms bend back!"

Laura then rises out of her chair, kisses Coop, and leans over and whispers the name of the killer in his ear!

Things to think about: The above event took place 25 years later. This particular scene was shown in the pilot series. Now, let's reflect. We know that Coop has a secret also. We also know that part of his secret was a brush with BOB before he ever entered Twin Peaks. This scene was in the Waiting Room, 25 years after Laura's death. Was Coop and Laura their "Evil Others"? Remember, for BOB to take control, one must say or read "FIRE WALK WITH ME"! When this phrase was written in blood at Laura's murder scene, did you notice who READ it aloud??? Agent Cooper!!!!

IMHO: (very humble opinion) Coop had already given himself over to BOB to save Laura's soul. Remember in the movie FWWM, how touched Laura was when her Angel returned??? Her death had not been in vain!! She had not allowed BOB to possess her soul, even if he could possess her body and mind. He did not take her spirit. But that was due to Coop's intervention!! He loved Laura (with what kind of love??? not sure yet) , but I feel his love and his very soul, gave Laura back hers!!! To me that ending was the most touching of any movie I have ever seen!!!! That is why I feel Coop ended up losing to BOB and if the story had continued, so would the killings!! Who would ever suspect Coop??? NOT EVEN ANNIE???? BY THE WAY:::: "HOW'S ANNIE?"




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