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"I play my part on my stage. I tell what I can to form the perfect answer. But that answer cannot come before all are ready to hear. So I tell what I can to form the perfect answer. Sometimes my anger at the fire is evident. Sometimes it is not anger, really. It may appear as such, but could it be a CLUE???? The fire I speak of in NOT a KIND fire!!!"

On this day, Sarah Palmer describes her vision of BOB!!

It is said (by some Twin Peakers) that if you look very closely in the mirror (during her vision) that you can see BOB's reflection in the mirror when Leland enters the room!!!

She also has a vision of someone uncovering the necklace (the broken heart that was shared between Laura and James). James and Donna had orginally buried it under a rock.

(Later, James and Donna searched under the rock (where they hid it) and sure enough, it was GONE!

With Sarah's help, the police make a sketch of the person in her vision:

I thought it was an interesting fact that Special Agent Dale Cooper desired to NOT be in the room with Sarah (when she was describing her vision) because he is a STRONG SENDER!!


In the TIMBER FALLS MOTEL, Catherine and Ben are indulging in a little R & R together while (not known to them) Josie Packard is secretly taking photos of them. As Ben is getting ready to "give little Elvis a bath", Catherine is discovering a token from "One Eye'd Jacks!

AND Our hero's are breaking into the One-armed Mans room!

Before they enter the One-armed man's room however, Deputy Andy drops his gun and it goes off!! (When he explains this to Lucy, I thought that was a CLASSIC!!)

During the interrogation of the One-armed Man (who goes by Philip Gerard), they discover that BOB is a personal friend of his. Dr. Bob Lydecker, (that is) a veterinarian, a really good one!!! They also uncover the fact that Philip Gerard is a SHOE SALESMAN!

Meanwhile, Audrey and Donna get their heads together (at school) and agree to do their own investigation!

Let us not forget the DOUBLE R DINER and Norma, who on this day is standing up for her husband (Hank - who is in prison). He is up for parole and she agrees to give him a job.

Of course, she is deeply in love with Ed Hurley (who is married to Nadine, who at the present has tried to committ suicide!)

In Agent Cooper's dream, BOB lived over a Convenience Store.

They go to Dr. Lydecker's office to confiscate his files. Coop faces off with a LLAMA!!! They ask Dr. Lydecker's secretary to view BOB's sketch and she says that it is NOT Dr. Bob Lydecker!

In the JOHNSON household, Shelly and Bobby make out. She tells Bobby Leo doesn't talk, Leo HITS!

She gives Bobby a most incriminating BLOODY shirt (she found in Leo's laundry) for safekeeping! Bobby feels that this WILL take care of LEO!! He tells Shelly that Leo is involved in "DRUG RUNNING" Shelly has her own ideas! Shelly has a gun!!!

Now SHELLY doesn't talk, Shelly shoots!!!

Also on this day James and Donna meet with "Maddy" (from Missoula) in the Double R Diner.

Audrey tries to patch things up with her father (wanting to be his daughter again).

But in reality, she is wanting to help Agent Cooper find Laura's killer. She feels the answer is hidden somewhere in the "perfume counter" in her father's business. That's why she is buttering up Daddy, to work there and do her "undercover" work for Coop!! (Coop doesn't realize this, however!)


Bobby plants the bloody shirt inside Jacques Renault's apartment!

Leo Johnson and Ben Horne have a secret meeting in the woods concerning the burning of the MILL!!!

Pete Martell invites Josie Packard to become his "fishing" partner!


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