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"Let's work for science and reason against the forces of superstition and fundamentalism."  Ann Druyan, 1997

The inspiration for this website began a few years ago when I was driving down the road and I saw that someone had painted a Jesus fish eating a Darwin animal on the back of a trailer. It was then that I realized that the ignorance known as fundamentalism was a serious sickness in our world and I vowed to stand up to it any way that I could and this web page is the result. If you have any suggestions as to how I can improve this page to make it better please email me.

Here is some food for thought:

It is just too bad about the ignorant creationists and Jesus freaks.  They will go to any extreme to justify their stupid, supernatural, ignorant religion.

Intelligent Design is not Intelligent at All

All religions are inherently evil.  Look at Christian history, Jewish history and especially Islamic history.  They all kill in the name of their god.

Jesus Kills

The bible thumpers really love to get in your face with their garbage, but when you confront them with truth, they become rather closed minded. Here are some facts that you can use to shut them up with.  

The Condensed Version of Darwin's Classic, "Origin of Species"

It never ceases to amaze me how those bible thumpers get all hot and bothered about evolution and denounce Darwin in their church.  I just wonder how many of those troubled souls actually realize that Darwin was a Christian and actually studied for the ministry.  Anyway Charles Darwin never said that we descended from monkeys.  We do have a common ancestor somewhere in the history of life, but we share about 98% of our genetic material with Chimpanzee's. The way some bible thumpers behave actually reminds me of bunch of chimps at the zoo throwing their feces at others.

PBS Evolution Website

Here is a good site to supplement the Evolution series which is shown on PBS.  Good programming.  It tells the truth and it is sure to anger a few self-righteous bible thumping goons.

Check out Urban Legends Here

Dr. J's Religious and Other Odd Experiences

National Center For Science Education

Detroit Free Press Speaks Out about the Kansas Board of Education

The Facts of Evolution

The Skeptics Magazine

The Skeptics Dictionary

American Association for the Advancement of Science

The Truth of Evolution

Atheist Web Site

Biochemical Evidence For Evolution-What Creationists Tend to Deny

Brenda Tucker's View of Human Origins

I am not sure where Brenda gets her ideas from but she's harmless and she asked to be included here and I gladly obliged her.

Secular Humanism

Fundamental Creational Ignorance Should Not be Taught in Public Schools

For those who can't accept reality but must retreat into superstition, ignorance, fantasy and hypocrisy. Here is your website!

Special thanks to NASA/JPL for the images

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