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Xena and Ares Fanfiction

Welcome to my collection of Xena and Ares fanfiction. I have a few stories here and am always looking for more. These are basically all stories that focus on Xena and Ares. I am constantly looking for more so check back to see if there are any new ones. These are all general fanfiction, for some alternative reads I put in some links below. If you write any Xena and Ares fanfiction feel free to send it to me via the e-mail link on the first page. All I ask is that it's a Xena and Ares story and not a big subtexter. Make it as steamy as you like! Enjoy!

"Alone in a darkened room" Added Jan 28th
With the help of Xena, Zeus has killed Ares and given Xena the job as god of war.

"Another Side of Ares"
This is a cute short story about Ares saving Xena from Hera, then confessing his love for her.
Xena tells Gabrielle about her origins with Ares.

"Ares' Curse"
(My personal favorite)The companion piece to "Ares' Chosen". It basically tells the story from Ares point of view.

"Ares' Flame 1-6"
This story follows the adventures of a woman named Meryll and Xena is helping her out while Ares has some of his own interests.

"Ares' Flame 7"
This is chapter 7 of the story "Ares' Flame". We see Meryll again continuing her battle as well as Xena and Ares.

"Ares' Love"Added Jan 4th
Xena is killed in a fight and Ares revives her, while admitting his love for her.

"Bed of Thorns" NC-17 Added March 2nd
Ares rewards Xena for a job well done.

"The Betrayal"
A short story in which Xena battles another one of Ares' plans to win her back.

"Brother against Brother" Added Jan 4th
Sequel to "What is a hero?" Xena is acting up while Joxer has his own mission.

"Compelling Associations"
A beautifully written story about a young warlord named Xena who captures the God of War's attention. This one is a longer read but it is well worth it.

Another explanation of Xena's origins with Ares that focuses on her father.

"A Different Way"
Ares returns something precious to Xena.

"First Word"
An interesting story that relates to "Compelling Associations". It offers an explanation of Xena's connection with Ares

"Forgive Me"
Xena is tricked by Ares and realizes she may very well have let Gabrielle die.

"Innocence Lost" Added Jan4th
An interesting version of Cortese's attack on Xena's home.

Gabrielle is away and Ares decides to keep Xena company.

"Loves Destiny"
Marcus returns from the dead to save Xena from Ares.

The Olympic flew is lose and Xena and Ares have caught it.

In a blind rage, Xena nearly kills Gabrielle in a plot by Ares.

"STAR WARRIORS: The Return of the Jedi Princess"
A hilarious crossover parody between Xena and Star Wars. Jedi Warrior Xena faces the evil Darth Ares.

"Sword and the Serpent"
Ares is the only one on Olympus who realizes the danger of Dahak and he goes to Xena and others who realize the danger as well.

"Thoughts Dreams"
Gabrielle, Argo, and Xena's mother are dead and Xena is in despair and living with Ares.

"What is a hero?" Added Jan 4th
Ares decides to give up his godhood for a day and Xena joins him.

"Xena's Obsession"
An entertaining story about Xena getting hit with one of Cupid's arrows.

Seeing as this is only general fanfiction I may have left some of you subtext-starved, so I decided to put up a few links for you. These sights are jammed packed with alternative fanfiction. If you have a site you think I should put up here go ahead and suggest it to me.
Lynka's Alternative FanFiction

Jane's XWP Alternative Fanfiction

de Bonheur's Xena Page

Sapphic Voices Page

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