-1 cheap lab skeleton
-2 Cans of 3M Repositionable Spray Glue
-3 Rolls of paper towels, solid white
-2 or 3 bottles of tacky glue
-1 Can of "Good Stuff" Spray Foam
-A decent skull
-Brown gloss paint
-Paint brush

I took a cheap plastic skeleton and a few rolls of paper towels and some 3M repositionable 77 spray glue. Be sure to cover the floor with some paint cloth or something to keep the glue off. Start by filling in the joints between the bone with something to make it not look so much like a skeleton. I used hotglue. Then i flipped the skeleton over and took some small peices of duck tape and put them across the back of the joints to make the corpse rigid. I used my staple gun to hold the tape on better. Turn him back over. Now drive a few nails into his stomach area. Let them stick out so the foam has something to hold onto when it drys. Fill his torso are with foam so it is completely filled. After it has dryed for one or two day, take a knife and carve the foam down to the desired look. Now you need to rip the straight edges off the paper towels and tear it into strips. Keep them a reasonable size so they can be worked in all the ribs and fingers and around the bones. Lay the strips down on the ground and spray glue on 1 side. Apply it to the skeleton, pushing it into all the ups and downs and joints. When you have the skeleton completely covered it'll look kinda weird but let it dry for a day or so. When you have allowed it to dry, pour two bottle of tacky glue into a small bucket and add two bottles of water and some glossy brown paint untill you get a color a little lighter than what you want. It drys darker than what is it wet. Paint this stuff onto the body and if you have the mixture wet enough it will go on easily and make some wrinkles as the paper shrivels up. Let it dry and then do the head. I replaced the skull that came with it with one that looked better. Do the head the same way and you're done!

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