I am no more.
Since you left,
I feel empty. My soul is a black hole
My soul is a void

I loved you so much,
Why did you die?
I can never be whole again.
Not without you
My soul is a void


No where to go,
No one to be with.
I am lost

Our love,
Unimaginable cost.
Now you are gone.
Together we cannot be.

This life is wasted,
For you are not with me.
But the next we shall be together.
In the next, we shant part

You were the other part of my soul,
My heart.
Without you I am incomplete.
For the of this life.

With you gone,
I am filled with strife
There was only one I loved.
That one was you.

We were inseperable
That I knew,
Then my life ended,
The day you died.


I look into your dying eyes.
I wipe at the tear falling down my cheek
I hold your cooling hand.
I whisper goodbye

I remember all the love we shared.
I remember your voice, your touch, your kiss.
I remember running my fingers through your hair.
I remember falling into your eyes.

Now, I turn away from your face.
Now, I look at the teardrop I left on your face.
Now, I kiss your cold hand.
Now, I finish my goodbye.

Now, I cherish the love we shared.
Now, your voice, your touch, your kiss, all fading
Now, I imagine running my fingers through your hair
Now, I see your opaque, lifeless eyes

I kiss you one last time.
I look at the golden ring on my finger
I smile, faintly, sadly.
I shed a final tear

I remember your arms around me.
I remember the soul we shared.
I remember, when we were together, time couldn't touch us.
I remember the first time we said, "I love you."
I remember them killing you.


Since you died,
Love does not exsist to me.

I no longer consider finding another.
For me, there was only you.

Love is a thing from myths.
Yet our love seemed real

Our love was so magickal.
Yet it couldn't have been real

For if it was real,
You would still be alive.


The burning flame,
Our love, a candle in the night.
Guiding our way.
Fufilling our fate.

The evil game.
Took you from my sight.
Why must we play?
They gave us no choice.

Only they deserve the blame
Shadows, devoid of light.
I live without you everyday.
Everyday, I die a little more.

So much shame
I try with all my might,
To destroy the game they play.
But I failed

Soulmates we were to be in life.
Soulmates we will be in death.


Jealousy, never crossed my mind.
Unto you, I promised myself.
Love, what we shared.
Interlocked minds we had.
After Ragnarok we were to be together still.
Now, we can never be.

I loved you so much.
But, we could never have thought this would happen.
Linked were our souls.
Inseperable until the end of time.
Survive I cannot.

Just when we thougt we had happiness.
Eternity we must spend apart.
Numb is my heart.
Nauthiz, set you free.
Incomplete is my life.
Forever you live in my soul,
Every time I think of you, I cry.
Ragnarok, please come.

Shadows, surrounding, destroying.
Crying has become a way of life.
On I must go with my life
Time is standing still
Take away my life.


The sky is around me.
Wonderous, beautiful blue
Filled with joy and love,
And shadows.

The shadows try to destroy
Everything we created.
All our lives.
Now wasted.

Shadows are a funny thing,
They can kill all that you love and cherish
Yet, shadows are insubstansial.
Shadows can not be harmed.

The brilliant blue,
The sky which I'm falling into,
Is darkening,

The brilliant blue of your eyes.
The sky which I fell into
Is dark,

You are no more.

Neither am I.

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