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Once upon a time,
there were some people
called the Rushers of Din.
Every night as they slept, sweet
dreams were delivered to
them from Sunny Frivoli, and
nightmares came from
the mysterious Murkworks.
But the villain of the
dark castle was not content.
He wanted the Rushers to have non-stop nightmares and for that he needed control of the Cosmic Clock.
It was a time of desperate need for
heroes - any kind of heroes.

Unofficial Web Page -
An Unexpurgated Look
at the Most Unusual
Animated Film of the 1980's

Twice is a lovely film that, in the grand tradition of Warner Brothers' classic Looney Tunes and Jay Ward's many creations, is a film that all ages can have it's verbal humor enjoyed by adults and it's physical comedy adored by children.
It is still available on video -- but we are here not only to praise Twice but to let everyone out on the Internet know that the version currently being sold is not the REAL Twice Upon A Time.
Twice Upon a Time was originally released as an even more-appealing to adult cartoon movie -- the version now available for sale is a sanitized "family" film that barely comes close to it's more raw origins.
Meet the Cast - our Heroes

Ralph , The all-purpose Animal
voiced byLorenzo Music

Mum, his flaky Friend
voiced by Mum

Flora Fauna,an aspiring actress
voiced byJulie Payne

Rod Rescueman,
a perspiring superhero
voiced byJames Cranna

Greensleeves and the
Figmen of the Imagination
voiced byHamilton Camp

The Fairy Godmother
voiced by
Judith Kahan Kampmann

And where there are Heroes there must also be Villains...

Synonamess Botch,
Nightmare Producer Extraordinare
voiced byMarshall Efron

Head Screamwriter
voiced byJames Cranna


...and even an
Adorable lil' Mascot!

Ain't he cute?
(No! Don't eat the web page!)

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