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This section of the B5 RPG is currently not active.
I am no longer a member due to severe time restrictions.
This page will stay up as an archive to the Terran Missions. A great deal of mission summaries can be found here as well as many biographies of current and former members.
Though most biographies of current members are outdated, since I last updated the biographies before I left the RPG around May 2000.
I do want to encourage everybody that comes across my site and hasn't been to the Main RPG site that they go there and sign up.
I had a blast while I was a member for two and a half years.
I hope that everybody that visits my site will eventually sign up with this really awesome RPG.

Terran Mission Group

ESV Victory

Commanding Officer :

Captain D'Rahnya Xilahn

Executive Officer :

Commander Finrod Felagund



The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for Peace. It Failed.
Now we have the Victory, to boldy go where being bold might not be enough.
Our last, best hope for Triumph.

During the very first B5RPG mission, a Terran by the name of Valor Ivandehoe crash landed on Vol'Indi, the Volkune homeworld. Valor went on to assist the Volkunes in the discovery of a new life form which they named Entity. After his contribution to the restoration of the communications grid to the Volkunes, Rron PrimaVol commended the Captain to Earth Force, and he was given the assignment to patrol the Shadow borders on behalf of Earth Force and the Alliance.

By his side was the ravishing D'Rahnya Creala, a human telepath who had been separated from her twin sister since childhood following the traumatic death of their parents one dark night. D'Rahnya has been assigned to attend a conference on behalf of the EA that introduced the Volkunes to the other races invloved in the Alliance. During the conference, an attempt had been made on the Volkune leader's life by one of the delegates and the humans interceded to save his life.

After the conferece, they accompanied the Volkune leader to attend a conference on Earth to introduce the Volkune delegations to the Earth Alliance and its allies. The conference was under threat from a being known as Ert Cyng Bod, and the crew of the Victory were the key to the mystery. During this conference, D'Rahnya fell in love and married Kat Creala (Volkune, Vol Mission Group - since retired). A great battle ensued and Bod was defeated. The Victory was later sent to the Shadow Borders, where the crew was tested by the Shadows, and eventually succeeded in escaping.

When they returned to Earth, D'Rahnya learned that Earth Gov had pulled something up on her Captain, and by then, good friend, Valor. Admiral Adams had made it clear that she wasn't going to be told what it was about, but something from Valor's past obviously upset Earth Gov, for he was taken off command, and D'Rahnya was asked to take his place. Reluctantly, D'Rahnya agreed, and Corran Horn was promoted to her spot. D'Rahnya believes that this is another conspiracy within Earth Gov to keep Valor away from command, but is unsure of the exact cause. When she returns to her home, she wishes to investigate this further. She strongly believes that her friend has been wronged.

Since then, the crew of the Victory has traveled to many different universes accidentally. At first, it seemed to be a problem with the jumpgate technology, but D'Rahnya now believes it may have something to do with Titania. They have visited the Star Trek universe, where D'Rahnya began to learn something of her ancestors and Titania's vast plan for the fight against Evil. It also brought up the possibility that Corran could be returned to his own home. After a short visit back to the Volkune homeworld and D'Rahnya's divorce, they found themselves in the past of their own universe, around the time of Hercules. They met up with Xena and Hercules who helped them repair their ship and get back to their journey. They learned that the Gods were indeed real, and they even had Ares going after their ship.

After this, they found themselves in Corran universe, the Star Wars universe, where they fought a certain Evil entity that posed a threat to Corran's entire universe and many of the other universes. Once the creature was destroyed, the Victory left for their own universe, leaving Corran behind with his family and other friends. It is interesting to note that what was two years for Corran was only two weeks for the people of his universe. Because of this, it will be hard to tell at what point in time the Victory will return to its own universe.

The Victory returned without any time difference to its own universe. Back at Earth, several new crewmembers were assigned to the ship, including a new security officer, Tanis Gallowglass, a new Ranger, Ghealycia and a new Commander, Finrod Felagund.

After a short stay at the Pax VII station the Victory left for Earth once again. Unfortunately, something went wrong... once again. The Victory ended up in the an alternate dimension of their own universe where much was the same yet also much more was different. A war was going on and the Victory had to help to losing party, the ones fighting for freedom and peace. Fighting a battle that could not be won in a single strike. But help they would. And help they did.

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