This page is my personal attempt to flesh out Mystaraspace, and to bring it into the spelljamming universe. Many of the official events that occured have been modified to fit my own personal campaign setting.

Sphere History A brief description of major events that have shaped the history of Mystaraspace.
Major Powers These are the major powers (mortal and immortal) that effect a spelljamming campaign inside and outside of Mystaraspace.
Ancient Civilizations These civilizations have played a major role in the history of Mystaraspace. Although none of these civilizations currently exist inside of the sphere, they and their offshoots still exist in the neither regions of the multiverse.
Sphere Properties A description of the properties of the crystal sphere of Mystaraspace.
Planets in Sphere A description of each of the major bodies which inhabit Mystaraspace.
Interesting Features Some places and items of particular interest inside of Mystaraspace
New Magic Items Names and descriptions of magical items which are unique to the crystal sphere of Mystaraspace.
Adventures Some new adventures for player characters

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