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Before 2 stage DV's, before twin hose DV's there was the original SCUBA set, the rebreather.

The rebreather allows the diver to re-use their air by scrubbing out the CO2 and adding oxygen to the divers gas mix as required.

haas1.jpg (13452 bytes)
Lotte Hass, the original rebreather girl.
She had to beg her boss (later her husband) for a spare a unit for her to use.
If you have any images of Lotte and a rebreather, I'd really welcome them

w_fv_16.jpg (71094 bytes)     rw.jpg (33473 bytes)    w_fv_131.jpg (57475 bytes)
Raquel Welch used a rebreather in the movie 'Fantastic Voyage'
It appears that she (or her stunt double) only used the set in the 'airlock' as in other scene her oxygen tube hangs limp over her shoulder, not floating as it does in the air lock scenes.

fieno1.JPG (44633 bytes)     fieno1a.jpg (52279 bytes)     fieno3.JPG (38439 bytes)     fienolady3.gif (23736 bytes)     fieno4.JPG (57773 bytes)
The Fieno semi-closed circuit rebreather from Japan
Sadly no longer in production, too costly to dive? Too limited?

re-breather1.jpg (94701 bytes)
A modern rebreather - Draeger Dolphin (or Atlantis?)

w_rg_87.jpg (56728 bytes)     w_rg_88.jpg (66211 bytes)     w_rg_62.jpg (67309 bytes)     w_rg_67.jpg (69077 bytes)     w_rg_74.jpg (67816 bytes)     w_rg_56.jpg (59797 bytes)
Jordan in the movie Real Genius, tries a home built rebreather (and a neat wetsuit:-))

If you have any more rebreather scans, please e-mail me a copy, thanks.....

Thank you for those who help with contributions