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Welcome to my web page which is the result of my ever-consuming passion,
my lifelong love of "The Phantom".

As far as I know, this is the only Phantom web site to come out of
Western Australia so I'd like to make it as interesting as possible.

Lee Falk
1911 - 1999

This comic is No. 1226 which was created recently as a tribute to Lee Falk, the creator of The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician.

Lee passed away on 13 March 1999 
in New York, USA aged 87 years.

His passing has created an enormous void in the comic world but he also leaves behind a wonderful legacy in his comics.

Rest in peace, old friend.

What you will find here

The Story of the Legend
The Phantom's Family
Important Phantom Trivia
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In 1936, Lee Falk brought to life through his comic strip, a mystical character known as The Phantom. Falk was already busy writing another comic strip "Mandrake the Magician" created in 1934 with artist Phil Davis when King Features asked him to come up with something new and different.

Being a costumed character, The Phantom is the first generally recognised costumed superhero preceding Superman by a full two years. Falk originally drew The Phantom in a grey suit, but the colour was changed to purple by an anonymous King Features colourist when the comic strip was inaugurated in 1939, much to Falk's surprise.

Falk originally modelled The Phantom to be like an urban playboy, but after The Phantom left Manhattan in the early strips, Falk took him to the jungles of Bengalla.

Sixty years later The Phantom still stirs in the hearts of all little boys
over the world, including my 34 year old one.


The Story of the Legend

The Phantom's legend begins in 1525 when the Singh pirates capture and destroy his father's ship off the coast of Africa. After the death of his father at the hands of the pirates, he swore an oath over the skull of his father's murderer that he and his descendants would devote their lives to

"...the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice."

The hero of the present day is the 21st of an unbroken line of Phantoms, each of who was brought up the take over the role upon his father's death.


The Phantom's Family

The 21st Phantom's wife, formerly Diana Palmer.
Her uncle was a UN ambassador
(Their wedding was featured in a daily story in 1977).

The 21st Phantom's son, destined to take over the Phantom tradition.

Kit's twin sister.

Phantom's closest advisor and friend. Chief of the Bandar pygmies.

Phantom's trusty white stallion companion.

Once a wild mountain wolf, whose mother was killed by a
notorious hunter, Colonel Bagshot. He was rescued as a cub
by the Phantom, who trained him. Devil's instincts have
saved Phantom on many occassions (Frew No 1013).


Important Phantom Trivia

Phantom was given the alias of "Walker" after "The Ghost who walks"
(1977 daily story - Phantom's marriage)

He is also known as the "Man Who Cannot Die" because of his
secretive and amazing accomplishments and the fact that
every time a Phantom dies, his son immediately takes
over the role, thus to the natives and superstitious criminals,
The Phantom seems supernatural and immortal.

The Phantom wears two rings which leave indelible marks on
whoever/whatever is touched or punched. The "Good Mark"
(worn on the left hand, "closer to the heart") consists of 4
overlapping P-shapes (or swords?) forming a cross in a
circle and designates the bearer as being a friend under
the protection of The Phantom. Conversely, the Mark of the
Skull, a death's head, is usually left by a blow from the
Phantom's strong right arm and indicates a warning or a
sign that the victim has battled The Phantom, unsuccessfully of course.



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Cats Comics
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See Leon for all your Phantom & other comic needs.
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If you find any errors on the page, or just want to chat about
The Phantom, please email me.

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