"Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations"

Star Trek Species

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Acamarians Pre-industrial society encountered by the Enterprise NX-01 Civilization (E)
Akaali Humanoid civilization from planet Acamar III The Vengeance Factor (TNG)
Akritirians Advanced humanoid Delta Quadrant race The Chute (VOY)
Al-Leyan Unspecified race The Chase (TNG)
Aldean An ancient humanoid culture When the Bough Breaks (TNG)
Algolians A humanoid race Menage a Troi (TNG)
Alsaurians under-class by the Mokra Resistance (VOY)
Andorians Humanoid are blue-skinned in appearance and have bilateral antennae Journey to Babel (TOS)
Angosian Civilized humanoids of Angosia III The Hunted (TNG)
Antidean Ichthyohumanoid species which are fish-like in appearance Manhunt (TNG)
Argosian A race of aquatic humanoids Dax (DS9)
Argrathi A humanoid people Hard Time (DS9)
Armus A malevolent life-form on planet Vagra II Skin of Evil (TNG)
Bajorans Ancient, deeply spiritual humanoid people, victimized for decades Ensign Ro (TNG)
Bandi A humanoid culture Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Baneans Race of advanced space-faring humanoids Ex Post Facto (VOY)
Bardeezans Space-faring race The Maquis (DS9)
Barzans A humanoid species that requires breathing devices when off-world The Price (TNG)
Beneriam Hawk A predatory ornithoid life-form If Wishes Were Horses (DS9)
Benzites Humanoid inhabitants of the planet Benzar Gambit (TNG)
Berellian A race of humanoids known for their artistic abilities and technical ineptitude. A Matter of Honor (TNG)
Beta XII-A entity Alien life-form, composed of pure energy, that thrived on the energy of negative emotions Day of the Dove (TOS)
Beta Renner cloud An intelligent, spaceborne entity, can enter the neural systems of people Lonely Among Us (TNG)
Betazoids Telepathic humanoids native to the planet Betazed Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Betelgeusean A race of blue skinned humanoids from Betelgeuse IX. The Most Toys (TNG)
Bolians Civilization of humanoids native to planet Bolarus IX Conspiracy (TNG)
Borg A cybernetic life-form Q Who (TNG)
Boslics A humanoid spacefaring race Sons of Mogh (DS9)
Bothan A race of powerfully telepathic beings Persistence of Vision (VOY)
Breen A humanoid species The Loss (TNG)
Brekkians A humanoid species Symbiosis (TNG)
Buronian A unspecified ancient culture Rascals (TNG)
Bynars Diminutive, large-craniumed asexual humanoid race 11001001 (TNG)
Byzatium Space-faring race Defiant (TNG)
Cairn Humanoid society Dark Page (TNG)
Calamarain An intelligent space born civilization Deja Q (TNG)
Caldonians A race of three-fingered beings The Price (TNG)
Cappellan Civilization of humanoids Friday's Child (TOS)
Cardassians Humanoid natives of Cardassia The Wounded (TNG)
Chalnoth A violent-natured, beast-like race Allegiance (TNG)
Chameloid Shapeshifting aliens from an unknown world in deep space. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (TNG)
Changeling Can change their appearance Emissary (DS9)
Cheronian A humanoid race from the planet Cheron Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (TOS)
Cloud Creature Nucleogenic cloud being The Clous (VOY)
Companion Cloud-like life form Metamorphosis (VOY)
Corvallens Neutral race of mercenaries Face of the Enemy (TNG)
Crystalline Entity A space borne life-form of unknown origin Datalore (TNG)
Cytherians Humanoid civilization that resides on a planet near the center of the galaxy The Nth Degree (TNG)
Daledians A race of allasomorphs - shape-shifters The Dauphin (TNG)
Dal'Rok Cloudlike energy creature that threatened a Bajoran village The Storyteller (DS9)
Deltans This usually bald species hails from Delta IV Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Denobulans Humanoid species Broken Bow (E)
Devidians A shape-shifting race Time`s Arrow (TNG)
Dokkarans An culture and race characterized by harmony Hero Wordhip (TNG)
Dolbargi A culture capable of a self-induced death-simulation The Nagus (DS9)
Doosodarians Humanoid species Interface (TNG)
Dopterians Humanoid species whose brains have certain structural similarities to the Ferengi Firstborn (TNG)
Dosi Humanoid civilization from the Gamma Quadrant Rules of Acquisition (DS9)
Douwd A little-known civilization of sentient energy beings The Survivors (TNG)
Drakian Forest dwellers A tribe with paranormal abilities Time and Again (VOY)
Dremans A pre-spacefaring humanoid Pen Pals (TNG)
Edo The healthy, blond, skimpily-clad humanoid race Justice (TNG)
Ekosians A humanoid race Patterns of Force (TOS)
El-Aurians Humanoid civilization nearly made extinct in the late 23rd century The Child (TNG)
Elasians A fierce humanoid warrior culture Elaan of Troyius (TOS)
Elaysians A space-faring humanoid Melora (DS9)
Enolian A humanoid race Canamar (E)
Ennis/ Nol-Ennis Two humanoid factions Battle Lines (DS9)
Eska A species of hunters Rogue Planet (E)
Excalbians Sentient rock creatures The Savage Curtain (TOS)
Fabrini An ancient humanoid race For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (TOS)
Fek`Ihr A native faction in the pre-spaceflight The Sword of Kahless (DS9)
Ferengi Humanoid civilization known as consummate capitalists The Last Outpost (TNG)
Flaxians The humanoid space-faring species Improbable Cause (DS9)
Founders Ancient civilization of shape-shifters Emissary (DS9)
Frunalian An alien species in a wormhole Emissary (DS9)
Galadorans Space-faring race The Maquis (DS9)
Galipotans Space-faring race The Wire (DS9)
Gallamites Space-faring race The Maquis (DS9)
Gomtuu An ancient, space born organism Tin Man (TNG)
Gorgon of Triacus; Noncorporeal life-form that forced the adults from the Starnes And The Children Shall Lead (TOS)
Gorn An intelligent, bipedal reptilian species Arena (TOS)
Grazerites Humanoid species Home Front (DS9)
Great Link The merging of form and thought of the changlings The Search (DS9)
Grizzelas An intelligent, hybernating race The Ensigns of Command (TNG)
Gunji jackdaw A species resembling an ostrich If Wishes Were Horses (DS9)
Haakonians A humanoid race Jetrel (VOY)
Halanans A humanoid race Second Sight (DS9)
Halkans A humanoid race Mirror Mirror (TOS)
Hirogen Space faring civilization in the Delta Quadrant Message in a Bottle (VOY)
Horta A highly intelligent silicon-based species The Devil in the Dark (TOS)
Hunters A humanoid race who live to pursue the Tosk in an endless life-and-death hunt Captive Pursuit (DS9)
Hupyrian A tall, facially-wrinkled, white-skinned, mute, humanoid species The Nagus (DS9)
Husnock Agressive race of 50 billion warriors of "hideous" intelligence and destruction The Survivors (TNG)
Iadara A humanoid race Parallels (TNG)
Iconians A highly-advanced society Contagion (TNG)
Ilidarians A technological and mostly friendly race Parallax (VOY)
Inheritors A humanoid race Tattoo (VOY)
Invernians A humanoid race Melora (DS9)
Iotians Highly intelligent and imitative humanoid species A Piece of the Action (TOS)
Istortion Ring Being A non-corporeal life-form that was a sentient spatial phenomenon capable of literally changing the shape of space Twisted (VOY)
Jarada A reclusive, insectoid race The Big Goodbye (TNG)
Jem'Hadar Genetically-engineered warrior species from the Gamma Quadrant The Jem'Hadar (DS9)
J'naii Technologically advanced humanoid civilization The Outcast (TNG)
Kaelonians A humanoid race Half a Life (TNG)
Karemma Humanoid civilization from the Gamma Quadrant Rules of Acquisition (DS9)
Kataan primitive humanoid culture The Inner Light (TNG)
Kazon Space faring humanoid civilization from the Delta Quadrant Caretaker (VOY)
Kellerun Humanoid civilization that was at war with the T'Lani Armageddon Game (DS9)
Kelvans Humanoid in appearance By Any Other Name (TOS)
Klaestronians An advanced space-faring humanoid race Dax (DS9)
Klingons Warrior civilization, formerly enemies of the Federation Errand of Mercy (TOS)
Kobheerians The bald, reptilian-skinned space-faring race Second Skin (DS9)
Kobliad Humanoid civilization The Passenger (DS9)
Koinonians An intelligent people The Bonding (TNG)
Komar Sentient, trianic-based energy beings Heroes and Demons (VOY)
Kressari Species of reptilian humanoids The Circle (DS9)
Kriosians Ttall, slender humanoid Prophet Motive (DS9)
Ktarians Humanoids characterized by their enlarged frontal skull bones The Game (TNG)
Letheans Humanoid species Distant Voices (DS9)
Ligonians Well-built, muscular people of dark skin humanoid Code of Honor (TNG)
Liseppians A humanoid, non-aligned space-faring race The Forsaken (DS9)
Lothra A sentient, space-faring species Melora (DS9)
Lumerians An empathic, humanoid race Realm of Fear (TNG)
Lyaarans Humanoid species Liaisons (TNG)
Malcorians A humanoid civilization First Contact (TNG)
Maquis A humanoid civilization Caretaker (VOY)
Marijnians A sentient species Interface (TNG)
Mariposans A cloned race of scientists Up The Long Ladder (TNG)
Markalians Humanoid and spacefaring race Hippocratic Oath (DS9)
Medusans A species of highly intelligent non corporeal beings Is There In Truth No Beauty? (TOS)
Melkotians A telepathic species, non-humanoid Spectre of the Gun (TOS)
Meridian Inhabitants phase between corporeal and noncorporeal states when dimensional shifts happen every 60 years Meridian(DS9)
Metron An extremely advanced humanoid species Arena (TOS)
Mintakans Proto-Vulcan humanoids Who Watches The Watchers? (TNG)
Miradorn A race of twins who make up a single self as two halves of one being Vortex (DS9)
Mizarians The humanoid residents on the planet Mizar II Allegiance (TNG)
Morn A ubiquitous alien Rules of Acquisition (DS9)
Mugato An indigenous simian-like beast, carnivorous A Private Little War (TOS)
Nacen Noncorporeal extragalactic life-forms, exist as pure sporocystian energy woh can travel through subspace, although they can manifest themselves in solid humanoid form. Caretaker (VOY)
Nagilum An extradimensional life-form Where Silence Has Lease (TNG)
Nanites Submicroscopic robots designed to perform medical functions Evolution (TNG)
Nausicaans Intelligent humanoid life-forms Samaritan Snare (TNG)
Ocampa Humanoid civilization from the Delta Quadrant Caretaker (VOY)
Onaya Non-corporeal life-form who lived on neural energy from the act of creativity in humanoid minds The Muse (DS9)
Ophidian A snake-like life-form with shape-shifting abilities as the Devidians who used it to travel through their time portal Time`s Arrow (TNG)
Organians A simple agrarian humanoid race Errand of Mercy (TOS)
Orions A green-skinned species of humanoid traders Shadowplay (DS9)
Ornarans A humanoid race Symbiosis (TNG)
Ornithoids Slight beings only inches tall, alien to human-type emotions but capable of matter manipulation with a replication/transporter technology If Wishes Were Horses (DS9)
Oxygenes An oxygen-breathing species Melora (DS9)
Pah-wraiths Energy-based life-forms that lived in th Bajoran wormhole The Assignment (DS9)
Pakleds A rotund, lethargic scavenger race Prophet Motive (DS9)
Paradas Humanoids from the Parada system Whispers (DS9)
parasite invaders A race of tiny, crustacean-like intelligent beings Conspiracy (TNG)
Paxans Extremely xenophobic energy beings Clues (TNG)
Pelians Extremely xenophobic energy beings The Host (TNG)
Peljenites A space-faring species Family Business (DS9)
Petrarians A space-faring species Family Business (DS9)
photonic aliens Sentient energy beings which lived within a photostar Heroes and Demons (VOY)
Promellians An extinct space-faring race Booby Trap (TNG)
Prophets Wormhole aliens Emissary (DS9)
Providers Disembodied brains The Gamesters of Triskelion (TOS)
Prytt Alliance A humanoid people Attached (TNG)
Pythrons A space-faring race Rivals (DS9)
Q One of a civilization of omnipotent humanoids Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Rakhari Humanoid race Vortex (DS9)
Ramatisians Humanoid race Loud as a Whisper (TNG)
Remmilians Sentient native species Heart of Stone (DS9)
Repto-Humanoids A humanoid that are cold blooded with a reptilian epidermis Parturition (VOY)
Rigelian Humanoid race on Rigel V The Cage (TOS)
Romulans Humanoid offshoot of the Vulcan species Balance of Terror (TOS)
Ronin Anaphasic life-form who appeared in human form Sub Rosa (TNG)
Saltah`na An ancient race Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Scalosians Humanoids who exist in a hyper-accelerated state Wink of an Eye (TOS)
Selay Reptiloid race Lonely Among Us (TNG)
shapeshifter Another expression for changeling Profit and Loss (DS9)
Sheliak Classification R-3 life forms The Ensigns of Command (TNG)
singularity aliens A species from another time continuum Descent (TNG)
Skrreea A matriarchal humanoid Gamma Quadrant race Sanctuary (DS9)
Son'a Space faring humanoid civilization Insurrection (TNG)
Species 8472 Borg designation for a technologically sophisticated life-form Scorpion (VOY)
species, budding A sentient species Heart of Stone (DS9)
Suliban Has the ability to stretch and compress their bodies Shock Wave (E)
Tagans A spacefaring natives QPid (TNG)
Takarans Humanoid species whose members have vaguely reptilian features Suspicions (TNG)
Talaxians Humanoid civilization native to planet Talax Caretaker (VOY)
Talosians Humanoids dependent upon illusion The Cage (TOS)
Tamarians A humanoid civilization, first encountered by the Federation in 2268 Darmok (TNG)
Tarellians A humanoid, spacefaring race Haven (TNG)
Terrans/2 The mirror universe name for humans Crossover (DS9)
Thasian2 A very powerful non-corporeal life-form from Thasus II. Charlie X (TOS)
Tholians A highly advanced sentient Life Support (DS9)
Tiburonian Humanoid people The Way to Eden (TOS)
T'Lani Humanoid people who were at war with the Kellerun Armageddon Game (DS9)
Tosk A reptilian race Captive Pursuit (DS9)
Traveler A humanoid species Where No One Has Gone Before (TNG)
Trelane Life-form of unknown origin and extraordinary powers. The Squire of Gothos (TOS)
Tribbles Non-sentient race The Trouble With Tribbles (TOS)
Trill Joined species, composed of a humanoid host and a small sibilant The Host (TNG)
T-Rogorans A Gamma Quadrant race Sanctuary (DS9)
Trunkheads aliens A dull brown-skinned race, pointed upswept ears and a long, trunk-like protrusion from the skull Emissary (DS9)
Tygarians A major space-faring race The Homecoming (DS9)
Ullians A humanoid species of telepaths Violations (TNG)
Vagran A malevolent life-form on planet Vagra II Skin of Evil (TNG)
Valerians A humanoid space-faring race Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Valtese A humanoid race The Perfect Mate (TNG)
Velarans Microscopic, intelligent one-celled life-forms Home Soil (TNG)
Ventaxians Once-technological humanoid culture Devil`s Due (TNG)
Verathans A humanoid race Q-Less (DS9)
Vhnori A humanoid race Emanations (VOY)
Vians A technologically advanced humanoid race The Empath (TOS)
Vidiians A space-faring Delta Quadrant species Phage (VOY)
Vissians three genders are necessary for conception Cogenitor (E)
Vorgons A humanoid civilization, capable of time travel Captain's Holiday (TNG)
Vorta Civilization from the Gamma Quadrant and member of the Dominion The Jem'Hadar (DS9)
Vulcans Humanoid species whose culture is based on total suppression of emotion The Cage (TOS)
Wadi Space-faring and game-loving humanoid race Move Along Home (DS9)
Wanoni tracehound An predatory animal life-form The Forsaken (DS9)
Wisp A hostile non-corporeal creatures body-snatchers The Crossing (E)
Xepolites A humanoid, almost amphibious-looking space-faring race The Maquis (DS9)
Yaderans Mostly humanoid Shadowplay (DS9)
Yallitians A species with three spinal columns Phage (VOY)
Yalosians A space faring species Improbable Cause (DS9)
Yelikans A space faring species The Homecoming (DS9)
Yridians Civilization of humanoids known as interstellar dealers of information TheChase (TNG)
Zakdorn Humanoid civilization Peak Performance (TNG)
Zalkonians A humanoid race distinguished by multiple horizontal facial ridges Transfigurations (TNG)
Zetarian Mysterious non corporeal life forms Transfigurations (TNG)
Zibalians Life-form, largely humanoid The Most Toys (TNG)

Book Species

Ailurin A feline race with no concept of time The Wounded Sky
al'Hmatt I A race of massive , intelligent wolf-like quadrupeds Diplomatic Implausibility
Clan Ru A savage race descended from Earth's Velociraptors First Frontier
Eeiauoan A race felines, an off-shot of the Sivaoan race Uhura's Song
Hamalki A highly intelligent and peaceful spider-like race The Wounded Sky
Lyan A feline race that lives according to a code of honor Star Trek: Starfleet Command (PC)
Hur'Qui Insectoid species, operate from a hive mind controlled by one Alpha breeder, the Queen Star Trek: Starfighter (PS)
Kam'Jatey A off-shot of the Hur'Qui race, with a single mind, living starships Star Trek: Starfighter (PS)
Sivaoans A race of felines with prehensile tails Uhura's Song

Animated series

Cait A race of peaceful felines Survivor
Kzinti A race of fierce war obsessed felines The Slaver Weapon