Completed in August 1999 (94K)
Rated PG, Story, X-File, Adventure, Angst, UST & MSR
My first attempt at writing fanfic...  Mulder and Scully investigate reports
  of a snowman near the Colorado Rockies, during a missing persons case.


Completed in September 1999 (17K)
Rated PG, Story, Cancerfic, Angst, UST
This story was originally written in response to a cancer fiction challenge.
Scully has a nosebleed and overhears a conversation in the restroom.

It Doesn't Have To End This Way

Completed in February 2000 (47K)
Rated PG, Story, MSR, Angst

                              The X-Files are shut down for good, and Mulder and Scully's relationship has grown
                                   for the better.  But then something happens that ends up changing everything.

What They Started
Completed in November 2000 (53K)
Rated PG, Improvfic, Story, MSR, Casefile, Humor
What do UFO abductions, The South African Embassy and dog-sitting have in common?

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