:He Xian-Gu
:sole female of the Eight Immortals
5th of the eight to obtain immortality

:Previous life :
:none, just the beautiful girl who :longed to be a fairy even from a :young age.

:Weapon: Lotus Sprig

:Weakness: Extremely rash in her :actions, rather hot-headed.





Ties with:

Fairy Mudan/Bai Mudan: close as sisters / later acted as a love rival in order to prevent DongBin's Curse of Love.

Lu Dong Bin: Bosom friend; the slightly confusing story of how she met him once when she was still a little girl and that she and DongBin had time-travelled back to get help.

Zhang Guo Lao: Used to hang around with him before either became immortals

Pangolin : slight 'love' interest, even though it was mostly one-sided on Pangolin's part.

Fei Zhan Fang / Han Xiang Zi: special friend... since she knew him as Fei Zhan Fang, she had been very good towards his welfare, and as Xiang Zi, the two of them sometimes indulge in some flirtatious banter.


Kind and beautiful, but He Xiangu is hardly a lady to be trifled with. Full of a sense of justice, she is willing to do anything, even sacrifice her own life for the sake of her friends. However, she was almost too kind. By showing Pangolin kindness, and in offering to guide him to attain 'the Way' to become a deity instead of remaining a demon, she obtained the unwanted love of Pangolin. The Pangolin, who loved her in earnest, as to be willing to do anything for her, had his love cross the thin line to transend into deep hate, when he was tricked into a trap set by the immortals, which used her as bait.

By falling prey to her weakness, and being rash and unthinking in her actions, she had a run-in with the Pangolin when she thought that he had eaten the Gingsen Spirit. As a result, she had 'died' and had caused the other deities much headache over how to rescue her soul in 7 days. Also, she had thus indirectly caused the Mudan Fairy to find it necessary to steal the DingShan needle with which to vanquish the Pangolin, so as to save her life. Because of that, XianGu has felt responsible for the fate of the banished Bai Mudan. But for the sake of the world, XianGu has hardened her heart against allowing Bai Mudan from finding her happiness with Lu Dong Bin, because of Dong Bin's mission to lead the Eight Immortals in the fight to save mankind and deities.


XianGu & Mudan
close as sisters

There being few female fairies in Heaven ( still the unequal-opportunity days... :P )
XianGu had been 'attached' to Fairy Mudan to initiate her into the ways of Heaven,
when she first attained her immortality.

Quite the opposite in character, the Mudan Fairy is gentle whilst XianGu is full of fire;
Where Mudan is ruled more by her heart, XianGu goes more by her head.
But the two of them looks after the welfare of the other, or more to the truth,
in being XianGu's senior, Mudan helps XianGu in many ways more than one.
Mudan had been willing to take risks for XianGu, when she allowed the dying Little Gingsen spirit to grow in the Queen Mother's Peach Garden in which she guards.
She also risked the fearsome wrath of the Queen Mother by stealing the needle for DongBin in order to save Xiangu's Life.

: :


A qualified critic I am not, but here are :
My Humble Comments about the actress:
Jacelyn Tay

Also a Star Search Champion for her year, Jacelyn Tay seems to share the fate of Jerry Chang, her co-star , on the path of fame and glory. But she has proven her mettle with her wonderful potrayal of the beautiful and bold He Xian Gu, and she finally becomes one of the 10 most popular female artistes in 1998. Congratulations to Jacelyn, and let's all be happy in the knowledge that she appears in the next 7pm show after <Dong You Ji> as well.
And here, I MUST pay proper tribute to the voice-actress for He Xian Gu, for she also plays a great part in giving life to Jacelyn's XianGu as well. Although no one knows how Xian Gu really sounds like, ( or if she existed for that matter) , but whether the voice matches the look or not is very important to make the character credible. And (don't hate me Jacelyn fans, this is just my opinion) to me, Jacelyn's low voice is rather unsuitable to fit the image of XianGu.
All in all, Jacelyn is a good choice for this role, and though this is her first role in a period serial, she has done extremely well.
And her range of acting skills has shown to be wide,
from her many roles as "XianGu" , but not her:
as the wilful Bai Mudan ( when their souls switched bodies),
as the sultry Tree Spirit, (to seduce Pangolin).

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