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Updated 02/27/2001
**Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come**
**Chapter 14 of
Stains- Mulder's thoughts during the aftermath of Padgett's actions.
Category: V, post-ep
Keywords: M/S UST, with MSR implied
Spoilers: Irresistable, Milagros
Rating: R for language and nudity (of the non-sexual type)

Appreciation- What might have happened if, rather than growing apart,
Scully's cancer brought Mulder and Scully closer together?
Category: SRA
Keywords: MSR, Angst, Cancer-arc
Spoilers: Let's go with anything through Memento Mori, just to be on the safe side.
Rating: PG for some smoochin' and some swearin'.

To Share This Room- And how would you propose they got off the ice?
Category: S,A
Keywords: UST/MSR, Moviefic
Spoilers: Some specifics for Detour, but anything up to and including FTF
is fair game.
Rating: PG for language, primarily

P.O. Cloud 23- Coming to terms with loss is sometimes easier with the help
of a friend. The story's title comes from "In Paradise", a wonderful song whose lyrics you can read
Category: S, A, post-ep
Keywords: Scully POV, hints of UST
Spoilers: Big ones for SUZ, Closure, Christmas Carol, Emily, All Souls. Samantha and Emily are explored in detail, so if you are unfamiliar with either character, steer clear of this one.
Rating: PG-13 for language.

Reclaiming Christmas- Ghosts of cases past help to ease the trials of the present. Inspired by a picture hanging in Mulder's office rumored to have been a gift. You can take a look-see here.
Category: S, V, mini-A, can be loosely considered a post-ep.
Keywords: M/S friendship (gasp!!).
Spoilers: How the Ghosts Stole Chirstmas. Thas' 'bout it.
Rating: PG for one or two unsavory words.

Threnody- A WIP, inspired by-you guessed it-Requiem. Written from various POV, this series fills in some of the gaps in the episode, and keeps right on going.
Category: Very much a post-ep, X-File.
Keywords: implied MSR, Angst, Character death.
Spoilers: Requiem is pretty much a given, and you can count on various spoilers up through season seven. Because this is ongoing, can't rule out anything for certain, so proceed with caution.
Rating: R for some rather excessive language.

Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come- The thing that you must remember is that Mulder was missing, to begin with. This one thing you must remember, or none of the events you are about to read will seem wonderous.
Category: S, D (just a passing mention), challenge-fic, holiday-fic.
Keywords: Angst, MSR.
Spoilers: Requiem, Within, Without.
Rating: R for reference to sexual situations, and language.
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