The Vraxoin project was formed by Mind Skelp-Cher member Adam Hurlburt. Vraxoin originally started as a D.I.Y. project in order to do tape trades with people cheaply, as trading Mind Skelp-Cher cassettes was to costly do to the fact that they included full colour J-cards and such. The initial two cassettes were produced entirely for this purpose and are still available as per sale, or trade through Austenite Recordings. These cassettes where created by a wide variety of manipulation techniques utilized to pervert and destroy all initial intent of the original sound sources. These original sound sources were mainly samples taken from popular recording artists that are typically heard on every radio frequency available. This concept was furthermore illustrated by visual and indicated procedures of destructive mechanical testing. Hence the names of the first two cassettes, Impact and Compression. They are scathing and self satisfying sound scapes using mostly non-traditional instrumentation and computer generated samples.

The next chapter in the Vraxoin story is entitled "Tensile". A change in the execution of sound as well as philosophy. Tensile is more like two separate releases within itself. The first side of the cassette uses samples of popular music manipulated beyond recognition as sources for rhythm based song structures. Intense organized noise compositions with periods displaying one of Adam's vocal styles which is well known in some of the works of Mind Skelp-Cher (Shear agonizing screams and growls which are enough to shred the vocal chords of the average human being). The second side was intended for trance inducing experiences and for sleep.  Minimal vocals, samples, and found sounds. The two sides of the cassette however are unioned by the title. In an extremely simple explanation the Tensile test physically involves a machine which will apply an accelerating or dynamic tensile (tension) load on a material until its rupture point. This is similar to the first side of the cassette which is very rigid, loud, and involving ample amounts of force. The second side is the release of the material from the machine which is when the load is removed, and anticipation of the event dies.

After Tensile the Vraxoin project ventured into new territory by taking on two separate projects.  One was a split cassette with EvilCreateSEvil from Sick Muse Recordings, and the other was a collaboration with Dave Fuglewicz. The split cassette was a release of some stand alone recorded tracks which were collected from Compression period onward. The collaboration was done through the mail and finally mixed down by Vraxoin. These two releases where released at approximately at the same time, and show a definite improvement in quality and maturation of Vraxoin's execution. A good preparation for what was to come next.

Delusions and Illusions is the best quality release (on CDR as well) from Vraxoin made by a cut and paste method of computer generated samples. After a period of working exclusively with Mind Skelp-Cher, the recording of the last Vraxoin  release had begun. Delusions and Illusions is an infrastructure of slogans to the masses.  The following are a few of its messages:

-Delusions apply you the existence of the masses, walking aimlessly like cattle to their slaughter. The observation that the majority of people seem to think they control their actions is delusional. Only an elite few can make this actualization of influential powers and only with this actualization can you have any control.
-Illusions of innovation and artistic beauty spews from our many forms of media. Only the elite make the realization that this is utter trash made to appeal to the herds of cattle. Simplicity for simple minds is the essence of popular culture.
-To be innovative. Do not allow the mediums of popular culture enslave you as their puppet. It is because of this behaviour that you make this "big business" what it is. You let them control not only what you listen to and watch on television, but how you talk, what you wear, what you'll purchase, and how you exist.
-Distort and manipulate popular culture to suit your needs. I have given you a perfect example by delivering to you Delusions and Illusions. All the source material is music you'll hear on the radio or see on television. The same can go for any other form of media. The destruction of popular culture is a necessity.

1. Vraxoin - "Impact" (Austenite Recordings)
2. Vraxoin - "Compression" (Austenite Recordings)
3. Vraxoin - "Tensile" (Austenite Recordings)
4. Vraxoin/ECE - split cassette (Austenite Recordings)
5. Vraxoin/Dave Fuglewicz - collaboration cassette (Austenite Recordings)
6. Vraxoin - "Delusions and Illusions" (Austenite Recordings)


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