The Road of Kings

Comes now before all who bear witness. Here shall be found the Road of Kings. A web ring of Mythical Virtual Kingdoms. Here can be found anything your imagination can envision. What you cannot find, you are invited to join and provide.

Be it known to all who journey here that the Road of Kings is open to all who have fantasy realms and should desire membership.


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The Road of Kings is a journey through mystical and magical fantasy sites similar to The Kingdom of The OverSeer. If thy kingdom has a mythical fantasy theme and contains no offensive material, profanity, pornography or links to any of these things then you are welcome to join our web ring.


Thy Kingdom shall be reviewed for membership. When you have been accepted into the Road of Kings, you shall receive an email with detailed instructions on how to place the Road of Kings Script into thy Kingdom. Once this has been done, The OverSeer shall add thy Kingdom to the Road of Kings.


Thanks be to thee for visiting the Road of Kings. May thy days be many and thy trials be few.

"Be Ye Well"



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