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Welcome weary traveler! you have found the homepage of the Master of the Desert Nomads. A place where the heroic story of a group of adventurers is told in detail. Unfortunately the list finished in Oct-2002, but you can still read the archives here. It was good while it lasted!

Information about the game This is where the story created on the Master of the Desert Nomads Play by e-Mail (PBeM) list is reported. The game is played in the original Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) world. The Dungeon Master (DM or GM) guides the story and the players respond by email with information about how their characters act. The DM handles the rules and dice rolling, although this isn't really important as the game revolves around how the characters interact with each other.


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The Story
The largest army the world has ever known is poised to sweep into the fertile lands of the republic of Darokin. The disorganized tribes of the desert have been bonded into one powerful force by a man known only as the 'Master'.

A diverse party with members from many different lands forms. Before they know it, they are thrown into a journey larger than any of them could have ever imagined. A journey through bleak salt swamps, desolate wastes, sun blasted deserts and snow-covered peaks. All to find and destroy the Master of the Desert Nomads!

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