The times they are a-changin'...and so is my page.

New -- Visit my Livejournal

Hey, look, a pic of me bellydancing from one of our class performances!

My Highlander stuff is still there...click here to go to my Highlander main page.
It'll be getting a link of its own eventually.
My fanfic is still linked below too.

Lately, though, my interests have been far-ranging,
and I'd like to house more of that here, rather than start another page somewhere else.
So welcome to Guin's new place! Keep checking by for new updates.

Latest fanfic: The Devil You Know (New Amsterdam crossover)

Come look! New authors listed in "Books I Recommend."

Most people call me Guin -- now even outside of fandom, including a lot of friends, so it has stuck permanently. :)

Meet my neighbors...the redtail hawk and the hummingbird. :) Yes, these are both on my balcony. The hawk likes using our building as a hunting perch. The hummingbirds seem happy with the new sage plant I have that keeps blooming.


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