ISIS RISING: The Goddess in the New Aeon

"Helping Poetry Conquer the World, One Poetry Reading at a Time"

ISIS RISING is a tribute to goddesses of various world pantheons. It was conceived and executed as part of the Goddess 2000 Art Project, "A Goddess on Every Block in the Year 2000."

Editor: Denise Dumars
Art Director: Lori Cadena
Production Manager: Todd Mecklem
Publisher: The Temple of Isis Los Angeles

Some of the illustrious poets who appear in ISIS RISING are: Eloise Klein Healy, Charlee Jacob, Mark McLaughlin, Bobbi Sinha Morey, nia akimbo, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Victoria McCallum, DeTraci Regula, David Memmott, Opal Palmer Adisa, Eileen Kernaghan, Kuldip Gill, David Kopaska-Merkel and many, many more.

Artists appearing in ISIS RISING are: Sandy DeLuca, Margaret B. Simon, Keith Drosin, Charles S. Fallis, Tempest, Renée Christine Yates, Marguerite Kusuhara, ellen, Julia Morgan-Scott, Lori Cadena, Lillian Kopaska-Merkel and Morgan Kopaska-Merkel.

Readings so far:

Long Beach (3 readings)
Redondo Beach
San Diego
Santa Monica


Northern California
Dallas, TX
New York, NY
Portland, OR

Where you can buy ISIS RISING:

Dharma Center: Whittier, CA
Harmony Works: Redondo Beach, CA
Points of Light: Long Beach, CA
Raven's Loft: Escondido, California
Pink Gypsy:
The Egypt Store:
Atlantis Bookshop: London, England

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Or order directly from the editor:
Denise Dumars
P. O. Box 83
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-0083

$9.95 ppd
Check/MO payable to TOI/LA

ISIS RISING is a publication of the Temple of Isis Los Angeles, part of the Fellowship of Isis, Clonegal Castle, Eire. WWW.FOI.ORG

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