Kling-kon '97 Photos

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These are the photos from the  Events at the Terran Klingon Embassy located in Oakland California. I had too much bloodwine to  remember all the names so any warrior that see's a name missing email me with the information. More to come as photos are developed .

Digital Images

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Warriors escorting Gowron (Robert O'Rielly) into the Great Hall. Gowron (Robert O'Rielly) dons his Council Robes and lifts his betleH with a rowsing growl. All warriors followed his lead and growled. The sounds of power reverberated off the walls of the Great Hall.

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  The warriors gather around Gowron (Robert O'Rielly) showing thier support for his leadership. Gowron (Robert O'Rielly) gives the warriors a lesson in his 'psycho-eyes' tactic to scare the enemy. Also useful to keep rebellious warriors at bay.

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Admiral Kutaj meets with StarFleet officers. ( Information about the SF officers and thier ship needed.) Admiral Kutaj and I celebrate my promotion to 2nd Lt. and adoption into House qorDaS.

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These Klingon dolls are a sample of the toys of Klingon Childhood. These items are very rare since most toys do not survive the 'active' Klingon children's games.   AhHa! These are no toys! A powerful display of weaponry.

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This lady knows how to drink her warnog! I only wish I could remember her name. Everything became fuzzy after that 3rd mug of warnog I had in the Terran tach (bar). These folks recieve kuDoS from Capt. kaoS (far left).  Oh and did I mention that jil'qun (white robe) is a Great Opera singer and Klingon ballet expert?

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Krell (aka Slimey) is named (insert title here) by Capt. kaoS. Thrax is named (insert title here) by Capt. kaoS while his young warrior daughter watches.

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Klingon Candle lighting ceremony. jil'qun (far right) leads the ceremony while Thrax (second from right) and two other unnamed warriors watch. jil'qun (center) raises his candle high and proclaims, 'We are Klingons!'. Thrax (right) and others watch. This was followed by a procession down the center of the Great Hall with flaming candles held high. 

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