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Welcome to The Black Sun. This site is dedicated to NetRunnerTM, the collectable card game based on R. Talsorian's rolplaying game Cyberpunk 2020TM.

Black Sun News


Fixed the broken submission forms.


There is some HUGE news as far as NetRunner goes (actually this concerns many older CCGs). There will soon be a great way to play NetRunner online!! Visit CCG Workshop for more information.


Well... I AM still alive, although I have not been updating these pages. I'm still getting hits regularly so I will leave it up, but I'm not sure when (if?) I will be updating it.


Hi all. As you may have noticed, I have not updated the site in recent months (Being locked in a box, er, office tends to do that). I will try to update the page this week. I have some updates ready to go, I just have to post them. Watch this space for more news.


The OCG will be holding a 'Headstart' tournament on the 25th of February. See the Events section for more details. I'm a little late on this, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Also, I have calculated the new local rankings so they will be posted shortly.


I have removed the dead links from the resources section. I have also added direct links to two virtual expansions. More changes to come.


This is the first entry of the new millenium (cool :) ). I have started updating the links section. I have removed most of the dead links and added some new links (which I've been meaning to do for a while now). I will be updating the resources section soon.


The OCG will be holding a sealed deck tournament January 28, 2001. See the events section for more details.


I have added the Dec. 10 tournament results to the tournament archives. I have also updated the local rankings to include the last tournament. The OCG will be holding a tournament near the end of January 2001. More info to come.


The OCG will be holding a constructed tournament on December 10th. See the events section for more details.


Fixed some minor editing mistakes in the tournament archives. Please contact me if you find any errors.

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